Sunday, 8 May 2011


Yesterday was our monthly meeting with the quilting group, but for a second month in a row, I had to miss it because Baby Daughter has caught chickenpox. Big Boy had it 2 weeks ago so it was hardly surprising that she got it as well. Although she's hardly had temperature so far, she seems to be itching a lot. She has loads of spots. So our night and hers was pretty bad and she is a lot more clingy that she would normally be. So I stayed around for her. I thought I'd still spend some of my day sewing as this was my original program but I haven't done as much as I was hoping, too much catch up to do in the house after having been away for a while.

I signed up for PP7 and this round is slightly different from the previous one. We had the option to sign for PP and a grocery bag or only one of the two. Of course I HAD to sign up for both. I already received my gorgeous and generous package from my swap partner while I was away in April and hadn't even started on mine yet. So I decided to get started on the reusable grocery pattern, from a pattern by Keyka Lou. I managed to cut the fabric and start sewing yesterday. I had found some nice fabric at IKEA last time I went which I thought would be perfect for some bags. So I managed to do the bag:

and the lining:

I now just have the handles to do to be able to finish the bag.

Here is what I received from my partner, a lovely bag. Did you notice the felt flower?

Gorgeous colourful hexagonal pot holders.
 I love the spiral design and haven't yet manage to work out how to do it. I think it is paper pieced.

Neat fabric with some crabs from Maryland
And a lovely frame with hand made fabric flowers
I was delighted with this package! Thanks Kathleen.


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