Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Catching up

I have finally finished my two anything-but-square potholders on Monday for the PP7. With the sickness bug attacking me most of last week, I never manage to finish them before the week-end. But finally on Sunday and Monday I manage to find some time and energy (at the same time!) and to finish them. As they had to be anything but square, I went for the obvious choice of hexagons of course and played with triangles. My package is now flying on its way to America. Hope my partner likes it.

I also finished my hexie flower that I was supposed to send last week to Australia, red and white.
And I received this lovely flower from Sandy:

I am slowly catching up on the swaps now. I will then be able to pick up some other projects that I have left aside for far too long.
See you soon,

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