Thursday, 30 June 2011

Out of action and BIG NEWS

We had a very hot and humid week-end and I had no energy to do anything so the curtains were not finished when our visitors arrived on Tuesday. I assumed the lack of energy and extreme tiredness was due to the weather but when we had thunderstorm on Tuesday and a drop in temperature I still felt as tired as before. So the doctor signed me off for a week yesterday as I need to rest. Pity that I have so much "free" time and no energy to do anything. I can't even pick up enough to do some sewing. What's wrong with me?
Anyway, I better be reasonable as it is not just me I have to look after but also our new baby due very early next year!
See you soon.


  1. How exciting!! a new baby - you will be able to make lots of lovely "baby" things once you are feeling more energetic!

    Take care, rest up and soon you will be enjoying your sewing time again,

    Best Wishes from Helen

  2. What wonderful news. Congrats to you and hubby.

  3. Congratulations! I hope the weather does not make it too difficult for you, so that you can rest and enjoy the good news!

  4. Oh wow Celine - that's wonderful news, Congratulations!:-) I hope you get past that tiredness stage *very* soon though. x


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