Sunday, 19 June 2011

A star is born

I finished the jacket just in time for the photo shot this morning. Baby Daughter had a great time, she was shy initially but then really got into it jumping and dancing. I can't wait to see the pictures now as they should be gorgeous! And Mummy finished the jacket yesterday evening but for the buttons.I sew my little elephants on the jacket this morning after checking on her where to put them and did the button holes as well. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Next on my list: my living room curtains for which I bought the fabric about one year ago. We refurbished the living room last summer and I never got around to make the curtains. I am aiming to have the up by Friday when my Mum arrives for the week-end.
Watch this space!

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  1. She looks gorgeous!! Little girls should look like little girls not be dressed in pop or movie star copy clothes that make them look like tiny grown ups. A twirly skirt is just the right thing and the jacket with a frill bottom and the cute collar and cuffs is wonderful :).


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