Saturday, 24 November 2012


Busy week this week, even if my blogging has been kept to a minimum. We are now without a kitchen and the main bathroom is out of action too. We have spent quite a lot of time trying to cram about all of our possessions in half of the house! And of course there has been the planning for electrics sockets etc. Fun games which have eaten a lot in my relaxing sewing time!

Anyway, today is the deadline to send our [4x5] Modern Quilt Bee. I was in a hexagon hive this quarter and found this great tutorial from Lee for a Log Cabin Hexie which I really liked.

I first tried to make a test block in my own colours and I am glad I did because it turned into a big turkey! I hate the look of it, the colour placement is awful and I didn't trim it while paying attention to the 60° angle so it is really distorted!
Well, lesson learnt for my fellow bee blocks.... I trimmed very carefully checking the angle for each strip and kept the same fabric for the whole round. And this time, I really liked how the blocks turned out.
An orange and aqua for Kimberley with Kona white background
An aqua and orange for Carmen with Kona white background
A pink and apple green for Rhonda with Kona white background
A pink, green and navy for Jennifer with a Kona white background.
This block has a story too., it is my disappearing block. I cut my hexagon earlier this week and started to sew a strip around but then someone must have "sat on my chair" as I couldn't find it anymore... So I cut another hexagon and started again. I had finished the first round yesterday and was about to pick it up again to finish my blocks for the swap and... the chair had disappeared again. I really feared I had to start again until hubby spotted my block under one of the armchair. Panic over I could continue and finish my block in time for sending this morning.
A red and yellow for Amy with Kona coal background
and all my blocks together with my turkey in the middle.
I will take my block apart and remake it sometime!
I finished my 5 blocks late last night and packed them all to send this morning just in time to meet the deadline. It was a close call this time but I got them done!
And I have received my first block from Carmen yesterday as an incentive to get mine done in time!

I am linking my post to Jen's Tuesday Building Blocks.


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