Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Baby quilt - a look in my archive

Another pre-blog quilt today for Val's Tuesday Archives. I started quilting in 2002 with a project far too difficult for a beginner, an applique quilt based on a traditional French Game called Jeu de l'Oie.
 I found the pattern in a French magazine and the instructions were not very detailed onto how to make it. But with no fear, I went ahead, started shopping for red and white fabric and started applique (by hand) all the little squares that were required for the quilt. I didn't know anything about needle turn applique or reverse applique or even fusible applique or machine applique at the time so I used a straight running stitch on each of the pieces (I discovered needle turn applique a couple of years later while working on my Dear Jane blocks).

 I made all the blocks and assembled the top over several months and I eventually went to a quilting class at my local quilting shop to discover how to quilt. I kept my quilting quite basic for a first quilt but then it was the first time I was dealing with a quilt sandwich!
I learnt how to bind the quilt with mitered corners from a book from Harriet Hargrave and after several months, my first quilt was finished ready to give to my new baby cousin. I have come a long way since this first quilt and learnt a lot and looking back, it wasn't probably the most recommended project for a first quilt, but never mind, I made it, gifted it and was happy I had completed a quilt. Then of course, I had caught the bug! Linking to Val's Quilting Studio.


  1. This is a most difficult project. Good for you!

  2. This was your FIRST project...WOW!!! It's wonderful...I found myself examining each of the little blocks.

  3. Même pour une non débutante il n'était pas facile...bravo pour le résultat.

  4. It is always good to not know what beginners "can't" do; that way you do it. Really nice quilt.


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