Monday, 17 March 2014

Hand stitching and a last-minute PE bag

As usual I had great plans for the week ahead and the week-end last Monday but most of them went out of the window. On Tuesday evening about dinner time, Miss Strawberry Shortcake announced that she needed a PE kit for...tomorrow. Of course I had some fabric to make drawstring bag but I hadn't made it yet as it hadn't been required. So after my exercise class, I did set off to make her bag. In all honesty, it didn't take long, probably about 30 minutes in total but that wasn't on my to-do list! But anyway this is another OPAM for March and another one off my Finish Along list.

And then after a long week at work and also emotionally, my Mum called to say my Grand-Dad wasn't well so we decided to make a flying visit to the family in France over the week-end. My Mum and Grand-Mum were cheered up a little by the kids' company and could go to hospital and spend time with my Grand-Dad. I am not sure whether he knew I was there with him but anyway, I sat by his bedside for most of Saturday afternoon.
And I did some hand-stitching while I was there. I finished my last 2 blocks for the Get Your Hex On! Bee

I also spent a lot of time in the car so more hand sewing time, which means I also finished my 2 hexie flowers for Joke for the Inchy Hexie Swap (entry #4 on my March list!)

That gives me 4 more blocks for March for a small total of 5 so far, I need 25 more for the 350 blocks challenge!

I have hardly turned my machine on last week so no progress on my You've Got Mail wall-hanging as yet. All I have managed is to print the paper piecing templates (I guess this is a start) but I have made some progress on my Once Upon A Time Sampler - reporting for the 30/30 Sewing Challenge

And finally I came home one day last week to a wonderful package from Melissa for the Sewing Room Swap.
 Yummy clamshells
 And look at the circle of geese pincushion.

Yes it is the Sewtogether bag filled with lots of yummy goodies, which is wonderful. I used it already this week-end and showed my Mum and Grand-Mum who were both impressed! A useful pouch for my EPP blocks. Another fantastic swap where I really feel spoiled.

Linking to Berry Barn Design and Building Blocks Tuesday.


  1. Oh, happy thoughts for your Granddad....Loved the hexies and your gift of the clamshells is pretty......great.....

  2. Oh, Celine - that clamshell pouch is amazing! Just lovely. And full of so much goodness! I'm sorry you had such a busy, emotional week, but it looks like you really threw yourself into your crafting in the moments you did have for it. Just curious - where are you to hop to France for the weekend?

  3. I really like your clamshell pouch. I need to try out that clamshell pattern!

  4. So you were up at stupid o'clock too. I haven't slept all night because my brother is so ill and every time I closed my eyes that was all I could think about and he's so far away. I am so sorry about your Granddad and I love your clamshell case too.

  5. LOVE the clam shell sew together bag. I was just thinking how awesome clam shells would look on one and here ya go. :)

  6. Beaucoup de belles choses faites, bravo !

  7. Congrats on all your FAL finishes :o)

  8. So sorry to hear about your grandfather, I find the activity of sewing is an oasis of calm in stressful times. Lovely loot from your bee- mates, best wishes, xx


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