Monday, 22 June 2015

I want to make some bubbles, do you want to play with me?

Ever since I have seen Aylin's bubbles on Instagram, I have wanted to make some too.

After all the bubbles are made of Log cabins and I love Log Cabins. Aylin started a bee on Flicker and I was too slow and missed the sign up unfortunately :-( I am not sure how it happened but anyway I woke up too late to join her group. So after reposting on Instagram, I agreed to run another bee to make bubbles too.

Now the consensus for the new bee is not to start right now (everyone seem over-committed with bees and swaps etc) so I have proposed a starting date of January 2016. I know this sounds very far but I don't think anyone will be interested/have time to start too close to Christmas. And if people want to start sewing earlier, there is nothing to stop them really!

Anyway I have opened a new Flicker group for the bee and prepared a sign up form. So if you would like to play along, please join me (I can't do a bee by myself :-) )



  1. so cool, hope you will find enough People to join :)

  2. I just answered your questions on your form and I hope that will work out. This is my first bee that I hopefully take part in, so please be patiened with me.

    insta: queenof_aachen
    flickr: queenof_Aachen

  3. form completed and request sent to flickr, took me ages to remember my flickr sign in!


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