Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Elephants galore

Finally, an old UFO has come out of the box and I have made some blocks. I am so grateful for the Lazy Bums group to push me (for the second month...) to pick it up again.

I made the 2 first elephants when the quilt-along started in February 2015. They've been waiting for some company ever since!

The blocks come together rather quickly once the pieces are all cut... Not sure why I sat on this project for so long but I have been having fun with these little elephants after all.

I made all the Mummy and Daddy elephants

and also all the babies.

It feels good to have finally made great progress on this UFO/WIP after so many months and to finish all the elephants at once, I didn't think I'll go that far!

These additional 13 blocks make a total of 23 blocks for the 350-blocks challenge.

And then, I wasn't sure whether to only keep elephants in the quilt or do keep to the original pattern. So I decided to ask the recipient and she opted for the original pattern.

So now I only need a few colored blocks to finish the top. I am planning to finish the quilt for her birthday in February.

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  1. These elephants are really cute =) Well done you.

  2. Congrats on getting back to these! Love all your Ellie's so far!! This is such a fun quilt to make. The recipient of mine was tickled pink.......after all, I made her elephants PINK!
    Have fun with this and look forward to seeing it finished!!

  3. it can't be that long ago, I remember you starting this, seems only a blink of an eye ago


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