Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A finished quilt top!

The top is finished! My Fair Isle top has gone from pieces of fabric at the beginning of the month to a quilt top 2 weeks later, wow!  I finished piecing it on Sunday and I am so happy to have got to this stage, relatively quickly.

During the week, I pieced the other rows with all the blocks I had finished last week-end and I loved them so much that I thought I wouldn't put it off until I was finished with the top.

All I had left was the red zig zag rows - which required a bit of attention to ensure there was indeed a zig zag!
and the reindeer blocks with the snowflakes. This is another example (you can read my previous post about this) where I wish I hadn't cut the strips to the exact size but left a little leeway to cross cut the strips. It didn't turn out too bad with the 6' strips but it was worth with the 12' ones and there is no opportunity to square off the sides if you have cut the strips to the exact size.
With all those new blocks (13 altogether because I did the zig zag as rows, too complicated to be juggle as 9-patch block) made into the last 3 rows and the sashing strips cut as well, assembly of the top could finally start.
And it was going very well indeed but I hadn't noticed that one of the reindeer had broke into a dance...

After a little bit of unpicking, the rebellious reindeer has his feet in the right position again and the top is ready for quilting, I hope this will happen soon. I have ordered some wool batting (that I haven't tried before) because let's face it this will be a winter quilt! and also a wide backing fabric. Stay tuned hopefully this will be a finish in 2016.

37 blocks already for November, not bad for half way through the month!



  1. You did amazing with this quilt top! I love it!

  2. Oooh ! Stunning ! Love from Belgium !

  3. 37 blocks in a month, oh my. I seem to repeat myself with that all the time with you Celine. I do love this fairisle quilt, and cant believe it came together so quickly


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