Monday, 22 January 2018

Toaster Sweater again!

Just before Christmas I saw a lovely Christmassy version of the Toaster Sweater on Instagram by Amanda and I really wanted one too! So I ordered some Christmas jersey from Girl's Charlee UK when they had their special pre-Christmas sale, hoping to make it before we went away. I started cutting it and thought it would be easier and quicker to make it on my overlocker. The only issue with that was that the overlocker needed rethreading.... something that always makes me a little stressed out. With very little time to spare before we went away, I sadly realised that it was just not happening... And of course the cut fabric has been starringat me ever since and making me feel guilty about it. The weather has been miserable here so although Christmas is gone, it is a project I could easily work on. We even had a little snow at the week-end. Anyway, I changed the thread on the overlocker from grey to white (just to discover that it needed rethreading... again.. it is all good training!) and off I went. I started it on Saturday night and finished it on Sunday.

I am so pleased with how it has turned out and I am sure it will get a lot of use (maybe even before next December!)

I really like this pattern as you can tell and I am so glad I have finished this one before it became a real UFO!

And this was my first try at pattern matching the fabric and I must say I am pretty happy at how it turned out on the side seams!

Another OPAM for January and another one off my Q1 FAL list.


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  1. Celine. This sweater is great. I can see why you love the pattern. Happy New Year!


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