Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Q4 FAL in review

Another year gone by? Really? How is that possible? Time just seems to go faster and faster. I really don't know where November and December disappeared but I know I had very very little time to sew unfortunately. And of course with a crazy long list, it was obvious there would be lots left to do for next year! I had the quilting frame out and managed to quilt 4 tops, 3 of which were on this list so that wasn't too bad! A few items of clothing but not as many as I planned/wished for...

1. HK quilt for E (all cut) - no progress

2. Modern HST triangles (half of the blocks are done) - no progress

3. Super Mario quilt (half of the blocks done, a real UFO) - no progress

4. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???) - no progress

5. Impromptu quilt (a real UFO) - little progress here!

6. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....) - no progress

7. Pink Bee blocks quilt 1 - finished

8. Pink Bee blocks quilt 2 -  finished

9. Long Time Gone (top ready for quilting) - finished

10. Gipsy Wife (in progress) - little progress

11. 365 challenge quilt (about 25% of the blocks done) - no progress

Bags etc:
1 Blanche Bag for A - fabric picked - no progress

2. Blanche Bag for C - fabric picked - no progress
3. Floral Supply Case - not started - no progress
4. Power trip bag - not started - no progress
5. Passport cover (up, up and away) for me - no progress
6. Handbag for me - no progress
7. Make up pouch for Christmas x 3 - all done
8. Toothbrush pouches for Christmas x 2? - no progress

1. Lizzie Skirt - kit awaiting - no progress
2. Faux leather jacket / fabric picked - no progress
3. Imagine dress - no progress
4. Ginger jeans (sparkly blue) - no progress
5. Lander trousers (green) - finished

6. Lander trousers (silver) - no progress
7. Demoiselle dress for A - no progress
8. Demoiselle dress for me - no progress
9. Sorbetto top (crepe) - finished

10. CaliFaye Valley Blouse blue - no progress
11. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress - no progress
12. CaliFaye Valley Blouse black - no progress
13. Colette violet - no progress
14. Swingset skirt A - no progress
15. Swingset skirt C - no progress
16. Jenna cardi black - no progress
17. Jenna cardi white - no progress
18. Jenna cardi panda- finished

19. Blackwood cardigan lavender - finished

20. Blackwood cardigan blue - no progress
21..Toaster sweater peach - no progress
22. Pyjama M - no progress
23. Pyjama A - 
no progress
24. Nightdress C - no progress
25. Nightdress for me - no progress
26. Pyjama for hubby - no progress
27. Winter coat Named Clothing - well this one has become a raw edge Maker's Atelier coat instead but it's finished!

28. Cape - no progress
29. Moneta black and blue - no progress
30. Moneta white and gold - no progress
31. Mayberry dress by Jennifer Laurel - no progress
32. Cigarette pants by Maker's Atelier - finished

33. Barkcloth dress Marbella - no progress
34. Daphne day dress barkcloth - no progress
35. Belladone dress barkcloth - no progress


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