Thursday, 9 August 2018

Throwback Thursday - Table Runners

With Instagram and Facebook, there is less time for blog hopping and where I used to spend hours jumping from one blog to another, I rarely do so now! I linked my last post to a few linky parties and it was just the right occasion to hop around. Just as I was happily jumping, I found quite a lot of interesting blogs, posts and also other linky parties. I discovered the Throwback Thursday one at mmm! quilts 
The theme of the last linky is table runners. This isn't a size I have done plenty of but I have made a few. The oldest one is tiny and was made reversible by quilting the squares and assembling them after. I made this one in Spring 2003 and called it "Travel to Asia", when it was  a substitute for our planned honeymoon to Asia. It had to be delayed because of the SARS outbreak. The second attempt failed too because I lost my Dad at that time.

I embroidered some Chinese characters but of course I have forgotten what they mean now...
Definitely a pre-blogging make, it still sits in our hallway.
I have made other table runners too and writing this post, I looked through older ones to find the one I made for a swap in 2014 and the 2 I made about 8 years ago, for which I couldn't really find a good post on my blog so I am posted pictures here too, a Christmas table runner for us 

and a cat table runner I gifted to my mother-in-law

Linking to Throwback Thursday.


  1. These are great Celine! Tablerunners are a fast and satisfying make right? Actually there isn't ever a 'theme' for TBT, just whatever strikes my fancy to blog about that month! Thank you for linking up and for linking back to my blog! :-)


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