Sunday, 3 February 2019

January Furtle

Archie the wonder dog has set up a new monthly link up. I loved the monthly link up when Lynne had them as it is such a nice way to look back on the month.

And although I'm not always writing much on my blog I have kept it going and I'm glad. Somehow, although I like Instagram, it is so much more instant that it doesn't allow for the whole story of a project or for links etc.

January has been quite a productive month for me,  which is always good! I finished a few pieces
And started projects/worked on older ones
Let's see what February brings! In the meantime I'm linking to January Furtle and so can you!



  1. I love this link-up, I'm meeting lots of lovely bloggers! The 365 Quilt on your February blog post is AMAZING! Love the pink and green colour combo.

  2. Look at all those wonderful finishes! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* Thank you for linking up and spreading the word about furtling! *waves pompoms again*

  3. Ooooo, lovely things!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous makes. Thank you and enjoy February!


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