Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June furtle

June is over... it has been a busy month, at least in my head and it has taken a turn for the unexpected... On 4th, I was told my job will be gone by end of August (nothing to do with COVID-19) and I must admit it came as a shock as I wasn't expected it or at least not that quickly... So after the shock, fear, mourning of loss etc, I threw myself into looking for a new job, spending most of my evenings browsing dedicated websites, updating my CV, applying for positions. Of course, with all that, my sewing/free time has been seriously reduced and my energy has not been very high either. Never mind, there will be better days, once the dust has settled and I have clearer directions for the future, hopefully I'll sew up a storm!

In the meantime, I have managed to finish binding my rainbow quilt, a UFO from a long time ago.

I also completed 2 garments this month, my Free Range Slacks and my Calvin Dress (which was a sewing UFO from last September)

And as a reward for completing some UFOs, I started a new project by cutting some pieces for my Halo Liberty quilt.

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  1. I am confident you will find a new job soon. The halo quilt looks interesting. And it would use up some of my scraps. Do you sew the curves on the sewing machine, or is it a hand appliqué project?

    1. Thank you very much Judy. I am planning to sew the curves by machine...

  2. I'm sorry for your job loss but I'm sure you will find something new soon.

  3. I’m really sorry about your job disappearing, I hope a wonderful new job pitches up soon and it’s better hours and better pay.

    The rainbow quilt is lovely, as are the dress and the trousers. Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms*

    I’m looking forward to seeing the halo quilt develop, it’s going to be gorgeous! Thanks for furtling!

  4. Sorry to hear about your job, rotten news at a rotten time. Despite that you have achieved some lovely finishes.
    Good luck.


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