Friday, 29 January 2010

My own Friday Night Sew-In

The kids are in bed, hubby has gone to the gym, and I am in my pyjamas! Won't be spending the evening browsing on the Internet as the computer is verrrry sloooow tonight. Don't know what's wrong with it. Anyway that gives me all the encouragement I need to have my own private Friday Night Sew-In. I have decided on the fabrics I'll use to dress my snow people. Now I can get on with it and hopefully post pictures before the end of the week-end. Wish me luck!

Other pictures I am hoping to post before the end of the week are some of baby daughter's new curtains I started last week-end. I only have half of the seam on the second curtain to finish now so it shouldn't be long. I don't want to cheat and post a picture before it is completely finished though.

I have also received lovely blocks from the Winter Holiday swap from the Dear Jane list. I'll post pictures of those soon but it is definitely too slow for pictures tonight. Off to the sewing machine. then!
See you soon


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