Saturday, 30 January 2010


I did make some (little) progress yesterday evening and snowman now has a pair of trousers. I have received this week my order from the equilter sales and one of the fabric in the package is perfect for this project. I have cut his jumper out of it. I might sew it tonight or tomorrow as we usually try to play a board game with hubby on Saturday night when the kids are finally in bed!

Here is what snowman looks like with his trousers on.
This morning there was a dusting of snow when we got up but it soon melted with the sun. A very nice day which has been filled with various activities. Big boy suggested we baked cake so we made some lovely cupcakes today. He loves baking and cupcakes are a great thing as they can be decorated to your heart's content. They were also yummy. He explained tonight that he was so much better than Mummy at baking and asked Daddy whether he was telling Mummy what to do in terms of baking before he was born and able to take over. He will soon be 4! Just to make you hungry, here is a picture of our, sorry his chocolate and marbled cupcakes:

This afternoon I also finished my first Project for this Month, this will be my OPAM challenge for January.
Yes, I did finish Baby Daughter's curtains. Here is a picture of them in her room. She has a teddy border on a yellow background and the curtains really fill the room. I am really pleased with them.
Finally I also had a go at Jenny's tea towel challenge to cover my marmalade pots from last week-end. I made some jam cover. I draw the pattern this week but hadn't had chance to play with it yet. The picture is absolutely horrible because there was no more natural light when I took it. I'll try again tomorrow in daylight. I also need to find some ribbon or cord to fasten it to the pot.

Time to go to have time for a game before bed time!

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  1. I'm so glad that snowman has trousers on, I can open my eyes now.
    Love the curtains and well done on getting them finished. Aren't 4 year old's wonderful, they think they know so much. Just wait until he gets to a teenager then they know they know everything.LOL

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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