Sunday, 24 January 2010

This and that...

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in more than a week now... The week has been very busy but I can't say I have achieved much sewing-wise.

After finishing my naked snowmen (I made a second one last Saturday) I decided to go and hunt for some fabrics for their clothes. So I spent the rest of the week-end, sorting out my fabric. I have decided on a new storage system for my fabrics a while back and not all has been transferred yet unfortunately... Too much to do, too little time... Anyway, I did progress well last week-end on the tidy up front. Still lots to do though.

This week-end, my Mum is over to stay with us and yesterday we went on a shopping trip to find some curtain fabric. And I am so glad that I have finally found some for baby girl's room. She has been in her room since September and still have some "grown-up" curtains. I have found a lovely fabric called "Bear Bedtime" which will go well with her paper border and will try to make her curtains this week-end. Although we also need to make some orange marmalade today. I will post a picture once they are up, that could be my first OPAM for the month and for the year as well!

On a more serious topic, with the devastation in Haiti, Beth from modernjax is auctioning some quilts made with the spare blocks she received last summer when she organised the Scrappy Christmas Block Swap. I took part in that lovely swap but haven't used my blocks as yet.

I have also received a few siggies in the last week or so. I'll post a picture soon and will make some of my own to send out.
See you soon with hopefully report of some good progress.


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