Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pothodler pass

I told you a little while ago that I had signed up for the Potholder Pass 2 that Amy at During Quiet Time is organising. Well, I have been spoilt really because I have already received my swap when I haven't even started sewing on mine. Amy picked my name and made me those 2 lovely potholders, which are now displayed in my kitchen.

Today we had some kids over for Big Boy birthday party. It's Mother's Day here in the UK but I didn't get much time to myself really. I spent most of the morning in the kitchen baking a big birthday cake and some cookies. We had 3 children over with their parents and it was a nice afternoon. Slightly tiring but fun!
I am trying to get a bit of sewing done tonight but I feel exhausted, not sure I'll have much to report tomorrow really.

Good night,

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