Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back from the jungle and catching up

First of all, many thanks to all the visitors and those of you who have left me some comments that I still haven't had time to personally acknowledge. I will respond to each one soon hopefully.
After nearly a month without a post, here is the one I was planning to write before we went away for my brother's wedding at the end of June. Never got enough time to sit at the computer, upload my pictures and write my post. There were so many other pressing issues that blogging was left out. So I will get back in time slightly and show you where I was at end of June.

First there were a few pictures of my finished Jungle quilts

and a few WIPs (work in progress):

the stitchery for the happy couple wedding rings cushion - my special gift to them
my interpretation of the designer swap - using British fabrics by Liberty

and finally the label I had stitched for a label swap on the craft forum.

More updates and pictures soon but for the moment I need to concentrate on next week and the 3 interviews I am attending. Wish me luck!
Celine, enjoying a sunny and breezy day


  1. The jungle quilts are very cute!

  2. They turned out so nice!
    I love the animals---
    you are so talented, my friend!


Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. I love reading your comments and I always try to respond to everyone. Thanks again and I hope you come back to see me.


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