Sunday, 25 July 2010

My fascinator

I have a few pictures to share this month!
I completely forgot about Friday Night Sew-In this month (which was on Friday 23rd). We spent the night outside with the neighbours and the kids for a street party. It was so nice to have a chat and a drink, order some pizzas and just relax while the kids were running wild. We hadn't had a street party for a very long time but we might have one again soon after the success of Friday. But nothing to show for my night-in as I was out! After that we had a lovely and relaxing week-end, too the kids swimming this morning, they love it and I went to give my blood again today. I am so proud to have gone back (I hadn't been for a couple of years due to pregnancies and business trips to India). Don't like needles but it is nice to think you might be able to help someone so easily. I also managed to do a little bit of sewing but I'll show you later.

Today, I am showing you the fascinator I made earlier in the month for my brother's wedding. Another OPAM for July! I wore it for the night party.
With short hair, you can't arrange it in a fancy style so I went for a headdress instead. What do you think? I modelled in the garden last week and try to take a picture myself so there was lots of attempts with not many pictures where the fascinator was fully visible!


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