Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dear Jane Triangle - RS7

I started this triangle in June in my "back to Dear Jane" effort and had nearly finished it but left it to the side to attend to more urgent projects. I finally finished it on the way back home from the wedding. Here is RS 7 - Fedelia's Hearts, all done in applique for a grand total of 9 pieces. This is taking my "Travelling Jane" to 111,5,0,2413. For those of you not familiar with the Dear Jane numbering, I have done 111 blocks (out of 169), 5 triangles (out of 52), 0 kites or corners (out of 4) and used 2413 pieces of fabric so far.



  1. wow, those numbers sound scary... But it is coming along very well, isn't it?
    Well done, lovely hearts: a nice memento of your brother's wedding!

  2. lovely applique work, I'm sure those hearts are tiny!

    103-0-0-over 2000


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