Monday, 31 January 2011

My last minute blocks for the block lotto

I finally managed to finish 3 stacks for the Block Lotto this morning, just before the deadline. I had cut the fabric during the Friday Night Sew In but hadn't finished putting the stacks together for some reasons. Anyway, I did just that this morning helped by Baby Daughter sitting on my lap and wanted to help feeding the fabric through the sewing machine. After all she will be 2 very shortly so it is about time she starts! I took pictures of the blocks with my Blackberry and the colours are not very nice but at least I have finally managed to transfer the pictures on the computer so that I could post them here and on the Block Lotto blog.

I haven't won the lotto but there were an impressive 376 blocks made, which means I only had 3 chances in 376! Never mind, the blocks were fun to make. New block for the February lotto will be announced tomorrow, should you be tempted...

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