Friday, 1 June 2012

Cushions galore

They are finished! Earlier this month, I made a "chocolate" Union Jack which will be a present for my Mum but I also had plans for a further 2 cushions that I want to give her with the first one.
The first cushion I made is a variation on my zig-zag cushion. It is a 16' square cushion, using 32 plain and 32 print squares
I played with Half-Square Triangles again, using a chocolate solid fabric and some brown/chocolate prints but I arranged them differently this time. I tried different set-up with my squares
and settled on the zig-zag and squares pattern.
I used the "zip" fancy stitch again to highlight the squares
and I must say, I love the effect!

For the other cushion, I prepared 2 x 7 paper-pieced hexagons that I pieced together into 2 stems.
The stem are hand-applique to the chocolate background using a black thread, that I am so please to say you can't see! I have simply quilted around the hexagons. I love the modern feel of this one. This one is slightly smaller, it is a 12' square.

Here are the 3 cushions together, one from each of my kid, I hope my Mum will like them too.
And that's 2 more OPAMs for me this month for a grand total of 9, my best month to date!


  1. Celine the cushion queen!!!

  2. What beautiful fabric for your cushions. Thanks for sharing, Judith, Texas


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