Monday, 11 June 2012

Life is beautiful - again!

Another week-end and another few hours spent in the car. We drove from our holiday resort to my Mum on Saturday morning where we had a family party for her BIG birthday. We gave her her 3 new cushions, which I think she liked! and had a great time with the family, meeting my new niece (6-weeks old now) and just enjoying being together with all.
And yesterday we drove back home because the half-term break is over and school is starting again for the last stretch before the summer holiday. All these hours in the car meant that I managed to steal some time for myself, stitching my "Life is Beautiful" blocks. Of course, my precious stitching time is often interrupted by demands for food/drinks/another DVD/reading a book etc... but what can I expect with 3 kids in the car? But I still managed to finish the block I started last week-end, on the way to our holidays, my May block (block #9):
Success is not to succeed but to try
and I have also make good progress on my June block (block #10)
Another good week-end for some BOM Rehab for me!

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