Monday, 19 November 2012

Modern Mini RR reveal

Today is the big day where finally all the mini quilts that travelled all the way around the world in the last few  months are revealed! Michele organised the Round Robin for us all and did a brilliant job at keeping everyone on track.

When I joined the round robin in March, I produced this little 6'' block and sent it off, not to be seen for about half a year!

And finally last month, it turned back on my door step, but how it had grown, I hardly recognised it! It had gone to 7 lovely ladies who have all added a border to complement it.

In the meantime, I, too received some lovely blocks that I added a border to before sending them off to the next player. I have partially shown you what I did already. I showed the border while shading the centre to keep the mystery in the game. Now I can reveal the full pictures.

In April I worked on Sarah red, black and white block

In May, I turned Lisa's block slightly to keep its twist
In June, I added stripes to Rachel's patriotic block
In July, I added some multi-colour piano keys to Ella's scrappy quilt
In August, I added red and green piano keys to Edy's quilt.
In September, I added a broken log cabin round to Karen's top
And finally, in October, I added a plain green border to keep the symmetry in Diane's top.

Well I hope you have enjoyed your visit her. Now to see more about these quilts and the other groups, hop over to my partner in bordering.

Melinda -
Deonn -
Kylie -
Wendy -
Bea -
Jane -
Pippa -
Madame Samm - (hasn't received her quilt back home yet, hopefully in today's mail)
Annie -
Diane -
Vicki -
Lisa M -
Renae -
Kathy -
Charlotte - Lisa C -
Edy -
Ella -
Rachel -
Samantha -
Karen -
Leslie -
Ann -
Sharon -
Doris -
Margaret - hasn't received her block back yet, will be posted on when it arrives
Tiffany -
Janet -
Michele -


  1. It looks fabulous! Thanks for adding to mine!

  2. great tops- your group really went above and beyond!

  3. Those sure were great additions to the blocks you got to work on. And your mini quilt is really fabulous. Thanks for playing.

  4. Thanks for adding to mine! I loved your starter block!

  5. Thank you for adding to my block and I love how yours turned out. Can't wait to see how you quilt it! :D

  6. I love how your block turned out. Thank you for adding to mine.


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