Sunday, 3 January 2016

Finish Along Q4 and end of year!

So another year is over and the last quarter has been very very busy. I guess I anticipated it was going to be by cutting down my list to 15 instead of the usual 20 I list. There was a lot of work, a lot of travel and plenty of events to keep us busy. So of course, the list of 15 was not achievable (!) but I am so happy that I managed to finish the 2 gifts I wanted to make on time, and a little bit more!

1. #charmpions quilt for my friends' 40th - finished and gifted

2. M new quilt - blocks are ready to be put together in a quilt - no progress

3. Farmer's girl vintage quilt for Soo's retirement - finished and gifted
4.  Star Plus quilt - finished

5. September in the Hexagons - trimmed, need binding

6. Cat bag as a Christmas present similar to the one I made 2 years ago - not started

7.  X string quilt - 2 blocks needed to finish the top - no progress

8. Mr Snowmen cushion - finished

9. Custom cushions x 2 - no progress

10. Elephant quilt - only 2 blocks done - no progress

11. Quilt for A - not started - no progress

12. Advent wreath - finished

13. A very merry Christmas town sampler - some progress

14. Mod Mod Along - more blocks are needed - no progress

15. Work bag for myself - started years ago but stopped because of a zip fear! - this one is on my list since the beginning of last year so I am really hoping I'll eventually pick it up and finish it...  no progress
This is it only 5 projects crossed off my list but 5 that I am very happy to have finished. Now time to get planning for the first quarter of 2016!

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  1. Dear Celine,
    your finished qults are just adorable. Wonderful colors and such beautiful designs.


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