Sunday, 10 January 2016

A tale of 2 blocks

I finished 2 blocks yesterday and as I was sewing them, I reflected on how different those  blocks were. I made a belated bee block for Aylin who is the designer of the bubble pattern. I even started using the wrong colour combo :-(, thankfully I found out before I was too advanced. And I also made a block. I also made one of the block for the 365 Challenge.

The bubble block is paper-pieced, counts 100 pieces of fabric and took hours to make and is huge (15'), whereas the 365 Challenge blocks was made of 2 strips of fabric, sliced and sewn back together, is tiny (3') and only took a few minutes to make. Yet they are 2 blocks!
And those 2 blocks take my total this month to 9 blocks!
And the bubble block is one little step towards the 100 days Challenge!

Linking to Building Blocks Tuesday.



  1. ooh er - I haven't made my trial block for the bubble bee yet. Do they really take hours and hours Celine?

  2. 100 pieces of fabric!! That is dedication for one block. Way to go! And thanks for linking it up to Building Blocks Tuesday.


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