Thursday, 7 January 2016

The 100 Day Challenge

Have you seen this lovely idea that Jen has just launched on her blog? A new challenge for the next 100 days. I like the idea of having a short enough timeframe that I need to get on with it, but long enough so I can maybe achieve something, what with the kids birthdays coming up? Let's try at least ;-)
So here is my list of 3, I hope you will cheer me up along the way ;-)
1. Catch up with my bee blocks (I am behind on more than one bee so I'd like to catch up and stay on time afterwards)
2. HKQAL -  I am only at the cutting stage (well I have started some of the cutting, let's see how far I can get...)
3. A new bag for me

Linking to Jen's 100 Day Challenge, will you play along?



  1. Celine, love your goals! Something old, something new, and a little something for yourself! Very well rounded of you! I will be cheering for you! Now get to work, girlie!

  2. Good goals and I'm looking forward to seeing them when we reveal how we've done in April.


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