Sunday, 2 July 2017

Q2 FAL review

The second quarter of the year is already over and it has been busy as welll as rich in memorable times. Busy family time, busy work time and a little sewing squeezed in of course, just to keep my sanity! I had a long list with 23 items this term and of course I won't cross them all off but at least there are a few that I will not dragging over the summer! 8 finishes, mainly in the dressmaking category. Admittedly, it is so much quicker to get a finish in dressmaking than in quilting. And I think I've been slightly bitten by the bug...

1. Blanche Bag for A - not started

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - all cut, it would be good to have it done for her birthday in April

3. Belle Bag for C - not started

4. Modern HST quilt - half of the blocks done

5. Super Mario quilt - a few blocks still needed 

6. Project 48 quilt/Solstice Challenge

7. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago! 

8. Pumpkin Passport Cross stitch - finished

9. Sorbetto top - finished

10. Sorbetto top (crepe) - in progress

11. Dress for C - finished

12. Saunio cardigan - finished

13. Floral Supply Case Sew Along - not started

14. Shirt Dress
 (Darling) - finished

15. Bridgetown Dress - not started

16. Lizzie Skirt - not started

17. Gold pencil skirt - finished

18. Farmer's wife - first plan was to finish it by Mum's birthday but this is probably unrealistic now....

19. Teacher's gifts - one finished and gifted

20. Neoprene coat - done

21. Leather (faux) jacket

22. Pink bee blocks quilt 1

23. Pink bee blocks quilt 2
Next term's list coming up!


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