Tuesday, 4 July 2017


So half of the year is gone already and there is another half left now! It's gone fast but I feel like I have done a few things and also learnt a few new things, probably my proudest make for the first half of the year is my GInger Jeans. TIme to make a new list for next term now.... and of course with the summer, it will be hard to have lots of sewing time!

1. Blanche Bag for A - not started

2.  Quilt for E - HK QAL - all cut, it would be good to have it done for her birthday in April

3. Belle Bag for C - not started

4. Modern HST quilt - half of the blocks done

5. Super Mario quilt - a few blocks still needed 

6. Project 48 quilt/Solstice Challenge

7. Impromptu along - abandoned 3 years ago! 

Sorbetto top (crepe)

9. Floral Supply Case Sew Along - not started

10. Power trip bag

11. Bridgetown Dress - not started

12. Lizzie Skirt - not started

13. Farmer's wife - first plan was to finish it by Mum's birthday but this is probably unrealistic now....

14. Teacher's gifts (lower school)

15.  Make-up pouch for Mum's birthday

16. Leather (faux) jacket

17. Pink bee blocks quilt 1

18. Pink bee blocks quilt 2
19. School bag (C)

20. Long TIme Gone Quilt

21. A-line dress

22. Summer dress for A

23. Demoiselle dress for A

24. Demoiselle dress for me

25. Imagine dress

26. Ginger jeans

27. Ogden Cami blue

28. CaliFaye Valley Blouse blue

29. Megan NielsenI Matilda dress

30. New handbag for me

31. Pyjama bottom M

32. Pyjama bottom C

33. Pyjama bottom A

34. Orsola dress

35. Peony dress

36. Ogden cami red

37. CaliFaye Valley Blouse black

38. Colette blouse

I think this is getting out of hand now.... I should stop there 
Linking to FAL Q3 and I think I have what's now called a ridiculously long list!


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  1. That is quite a long list! Good that you are already planning a quilt for April. Much better than waiting until the last minute. Your fabric choices for the Solstice Challenge are fabulous. I wish you the best in accomplishing your goals.


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