Friday, 24 November 2017

Raw Edge Coat - v2.0

The weather has turned very cold here so it was time to upgrade to a warmer coat really. And although I really want to make a coat, I still find the prospect quite daunting. So I went for an easier option. I bought some gorgeous raspberry boiled wool at Les Coupons de Saint Pierre and picked the Raw Edge pattern from the Maker's Atelier book again to make myself another version. I had been wearing my neoprene one all through the summer and loved it!

So I was ready for another one.

This time I left the seams on the inside and top-stitching on either side after taking inspiration from IG. And the problem with a fabric that has no right or wrong side is that it easily gets so confusing that I handed making 2 "right" sleeves and of course I only noticed AFTER I had sewn both sleeves on and topstiched both sleeves too. So there was quite a lot of unpicking (and probably some not so nice words as well) but I finally got there on Friday just before I left for the week-end.

Well I traveled with a coat that had buttonholes but no buttons but I remedy that on Saturday morning to finally have a new finished coat!

Now the coat is all one layer and there is no facing etc. I made the buttonholes 1' from the edge and now the front edge is turning back so I am wondering whether I should had a facing or something to keep it flat. I am also wondering if I should have made the collar double too to make it stronger. Well the coat is finished and wearable for now but it might be that I unpick or modify it a little in the future... or not. I hadn't tried boiled wool before, well now I know!

Another OPAM for November and of course one of my Q4 FAL.


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  1. What a great finish - it must be wonderful to be wearing something you have made yourself! Thanks for taking part in the FAL - from the FAL hosts!


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