Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Belle Skirt

I was scrolling through IG a few weeks back when I came across a post from Christina at Wardrobe by Me for people to test her brand new skirt pattern: Belle. I loved the picture so sent my contact details and was almost shocked to had been picked!
The skirt is lovely but of course with all the frills, it needs quite a lot of fabric and I knew I wouldn't have a piece big enough in my stash. So I scrolled the internet, ordered some fabric and waited for it. And then I was so worried it would arrive late that I went to my local shop and bought some... I know, I know. Anyway off I went with my lovely soft and silky fabric (horrible to cut!) ready to try and make that lovely skirt. What I hadn't realised in the shop but quickly noticed while my fabric was drying was how think it was and how see-through my skirt would be.... so I thought I'd be clever and cut 2 of the yokes to cover the top of my legs and that the frills would work on the rest.
 I went along and built the front with a double yoke but it then became obvious that the first tier needed to be doubled to. At which point I started panicking a little because I didn't have that much fabric left-over. So ignoring the grainline and pattern direction completely, I managed to cut another set of first tier! Disaster avoided. Then came the problem of how to build this skirt with double layer on the first 2 level but not the bottom one... bearing in mind I have never made a lined garment before... Maybe a little ambitious?

Anyway I went along building the outside and inside independently and then attaching both to the bottom frill and waist band as well as one the sides. Well let me tell you, this wasn't the best idea as it does get a little baggy in places and the sides are pulling a little.Of course, my skirt is completely wearable but it is far from perfect. So maybe I will take the time to take it apart and build it again.... or maybe not!

Either way, this is a lovely pattern, which gives a very feminine skirt and there are lots of gorgeous versions from the testers. I want to make more... when I have time. The pattern is now on sale and I am very honored to have tested it. There is even a special offer for this lovely skirt with the Tulip Top too but be quick this is until the end of the month only!If you want a lovely summer skirt with a fun frill, look no further than the Belle Skirt!
One more OPAM for March, and of course this one wasn't one my FAL list!


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