Friday, 30 March 2018

Q1 FAL in review

It is that time again when I should look back at the crazy stupid long list and tick off what is finished... Of course not the whole list is finished, that's just not possible.... but at least I have made a few, some more involved than others and I have also progressed some, even if they are not completed. So lots of these will be on my list next quarter, but who knows the list could become shorter... or not ;-)

1. HK quilt for E (all cut) - no progress

2. Modern HST triangles (half of the blocks are done) - some progress, I have now made 19 blocks, 5 or 7 more to get a decent size top

3. Super Mario quilt (half of the blocks done, a real UFO) - no progress

4. Project 48 quilt with a few Solstice challenge blocks (all blocks done, might need a few more???) - no progress

5. Impromptu quilt (a real UFO) - no progress

6. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....) - no progress

7. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 14 blocks done - some progress, I have now completed the first 16 blocks... so I have 24 in total, still a long way to go

8. Bubble blocks quilt - I now have a flimsy ready for the next step!

9. Cadence Court quilt - no started

10. Gipsy Wife - little progress

11. 365 challenge quilt (about 25% of the blocks done) - no progress
12. Zodiac BOM - hardly started - no progress

Bags etc:
1 Blanche Bag for A - finished!

2. Blanche Bag for C - fabric picked - no progress
3. Floral Supply Case - not started - no progress
4. Power trip bag - not started - no progress
5. Passport cover (up, up and away) for me - no progress
6. Handbag for me - no progress
7. Toothbrush pouches x 2 - no progress
8. Colour Companions cushions - done

1. Lizzie Skirt - kit awaiting - no progress
2. Faux leather jacket / fabric picked  no progress
3. Imagine dress  no progress
4. Ginger jeans (sparkly blue)  no progress
5. Kaneel motto jacket  no progress
6. Lander trousers (silver)  no progress
7. Demoiselle dress for A  no progress
8. Demoiselle dress for me  no progress
9. Portia dress  no progress
10. CaliFaye Valley Blouse blue  no progress
11. Megan Nielsen Matilda dress  no progress
12. CaliFaye Valley Blouse black   no progress
13. Colette violet  no progress
14. Swingset skirt A - finished

15. Swingset skirt C  no progress
16. Jenna cardi black  no progress
17. Jenna cardi white no progress
18. Bubble dress by Blank Slate Pattern no progress
19. Kyoto top no progress
20. Blackwood cardigan blue  no progress
21.Toaster sweater blue - finished and worn a lot already!

22. Pyjama M  no progress
23. Pyjama A 
 no progress
24. Nightdress C no progress
25. Nightdress for me no progress
26. Pyjama for hubby no progress 
27. Uvita top no progress
28. Cape no progress
29. Moneta black and blue  no progress 
30. Moneta white and gold  no progress
31. Mayberry dress by Jennifer Laurel  no progress
32. Brasov top  no progress
33. Barkcloth dress Marbella  no progress
34. Daphne day dress barkcloth  no progress
35. Belladone dress barkcloth  no progress
36. North Point trousers no progress
37. Acacia underwear no progress
38. Dropje Sweater no progress
39. Voltaire top no progress
40. Christmas toaster sweater - done


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