Monday, 12 March 2018

Bubble top

After checking all the blocks I had and deciding what to do with them, I thought if I wanted a finished quilt anytime soon, the more realistic plan was to use the blocks I had and make something of them without planning for more. As much as I like these blocks they take a very long time to make and there is no way I will have the time or patience to make more in the near future. 

The blocks have already been stashed away for about 2 years so it would be better to just do something with them. With that in mind, I kept 16 blocks to make a square quilt top, which should finish at 60'.

Since I had laid all the blocks down on the living room floor, I figured I should sew them together quickly....

and here is the top ready for quilting. 

It won't be quilted this month as I will not have time to get the frame out for it but hopefully in the not so distant future! And at least it has progressed from a pile of blocks to a quilt top now.


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  1. And it looks great Celine. I made the mistake of deciding to make mine bigger, and boy did those extra blocks take a lot of effort, not to mention variety of fabric. I am still not happy with my quilting, buy hey ho, and on we go


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