Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Busting the UFOs!

I am still into the big tidy up/clean up/declutter activities here, partly why I am sewing so little. Part of the exercise has been to go through "parked" projects and decide whether I really wanted to keep them/I had hope to finish them one day or if I had completely fallen out of love or they would require so much more that I know deep down that I will never complete them.

One of the projects that came out of its box was my "Impromptu" quilt, which has been on my finish-along wish list for a long long time. I finally got all the pieces out and tried to work out where I was at and what needed to be done to get it on my bed. I started it as a quilt-along in 2013... 

This is where I realised why I had parked it... at some point, while slicing a 9-patch block, I made a mistake in my cut. Instead of fixing it then and there, I stashed it away for another time. Well, I am happy that the time has now come and I have unpicked the mistake and am fixing it now.

I also tried to work out what else needed to be done to complete the top and there was more than I remembered/hoped. Anyway, I am now slowly making the disappearing 9-patch blocks. Once these are completed I will be able to assemble this massively big top.

More soon I hope!

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021


After finished the Modern HST sampler, I didn't want it to sit there for ever. So we got the quilting frame out about a week ago and I duly quilted it over the weekend. 

I want for an easy all over pattern and added a few personnal notes for the recipient. 

For the back I used a floral I had in my stash and that was just big enough!

It is all squared up ready for binding now. And I've cut the binding this weekend for the leftover fabric I had so hopefully it should be finished before the end of the month. Watch this space!

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

May in review

 It must have been the colder month of May ever, it has felt like February for most of it and I have been in my winter clothes almost every day. Let's hope June brings some sun!

Of course I had a long list and plenty to do this month, and of course I barely scratch the surface once more! 

I finally got my HST blocks from 5 years ago out and made 2 more to have a square quilt top. It only needs quilting now!

And I also finished my Nautilus swimsuit

I didn't quite finish my Utility coat but I am not far off, I just need to pick it up I guess.

And I started a new quilt-along Flabellum, which is nearly finished too!

And I made 39 blocks this month!

Somehow, it seems that I didn't work on many projects but made good progress overall! Maybe that's the secret!
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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

June goals

This month, what I'd really like to do is finished a few items and get a head start on the teachers'/leaving presents for July. I have for once written a rather focused list (at least to my standards!) thinking this might be the key.... Let's hope that works out otherwise I will for sure run out of time...


1. Modern HST triangles - now that the top is finished, it needs quilting and I'd like this one to be ready as a gift by the end of July- this will be my One monthly goal

2. Impromptu quilt - I would really like to finish this top and send it for quilting before the end of the month...

3. Project 48 - either I keep the blocks or I get rid of them but I need to do something with these

4. Snowflake quilt-along - needs binding

5. Flabellum quilt - top finished, I am not sure if I am quilting it or sending it away for quilting

6. Maybe I can go through a few other UFOs and decide of their fate once and for all...


1. PJ/nightdress for C NEW
2. Blouse - NEW
3. Utility coat - need finishing

4. Calvin dress - cut


1. Bag for teachers 
2. Closet case pouf 
3. Pouches for teachers
4. Persephone wallet - started

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along
2. Nutcracker 


Saturday, 29 May 2021

New quilt top

And this is it! A new quilt top ready for quilting. 
My Flabellum to is complete and I love it. 

All fabric from my stash, which is a bonus really!


Wednesday, 26 May 2021


 The Flabellum quilt-along started a few weeks back and guess what? Yes of course I am already behind. I was on time to cut all the pieces but then I was working on other (non-quilt) projects so I never started the piecing on time. Finally last week I went through the chain piecing to make all these garlands from week 1.

Week 2 was all about cutting off the garlands and ironing the strips....

Week 3 was about making the building blocks, 36 units, which I finally made this week-end

In week 4, we are making the blocks, all 9 of them and I am happy to say that they are now finished! And with that I am caught up, yeah!

So that's an additional 36 blocks for May!

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Saturday, 22 May 2021

A finished top

 Well, it didn't take very long after all and I didn't want it to be pushed to the bottom of the pile so I assembled all my HST squares into a quilt top, after rearranging them about 20 times!

I like the look of it. Now to find time to quilt it and to select a fabric for the backing. I am so happy this is finally outside of its box on the road to the finish line.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Nautilus swimsuit

 A few weeks back I received the Nautilus swimsuit pattern for free from Paprika Patterns so I could to try it out and promote it. I had just the right fabric in my stash (bought a few years back from Girl Charlee UK) but never used... but I didn't have lining or elastic so I ordered those.

The pattern is rather versatile as it can be made as a one-piece suit or a bikini and then there are several options for the bikini patterns with different rises for the bottom part and the addition of twist or not. The top can be attached as an halterneck or have bra straps too. 

I picked the high rise bottom without twists and the halterneck bra. 

The pattern has got lots of details and pictures that are easy to follow. In addition, there are a number of tutorials on Lisa's website to help pick the right fabric/size, make adjustements etc. 

This was my first time making a swiming costume and it was pretty easy to make. I didn't need any adjustment but I used different sizes for the top and bottom to correspond to my measurements and it fits rather well. Now we haven't really had bikini-weather in the UK yet, more like ski jacket weather until very recently so I am afraid I couldn't model the finished bikini but you get the idea! And who knows, maybe we will get to go on holidays this summer and maybe I'll be able to road test my new swimming kit.

One OPAM for May! 
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Sunday, 16 May 2021

An old friend - with HST

 In 2016, I joined the Modern HST quilt-along with Alyce. I didn't quite follow through but eventually caught up with the blocks in January 2019. I had all but one block done and a problem: I didn't have enough background fabric left for the last block. 

I searched online, ordered some, my order was cancelled because the fabric was out of stock. I launched an appeal online but never got any reply. So I was stuck with 23 blocks, not sure what to do to finish it off. 

And finally earlier this month, I decided that I could make the top with 20 blocks and use the 3 extra for the back. Finally this week I found the blocks and the rest of the fabric and started laying it all up. I also found a few extra HST that I decided I could arrange into one last block to be back to the original plan of 24 blocks. So I made this block with a mix of 3'' and 4'' HSTs. 

And then I laid all the blocks on the floor...

and decided that maybe a square quilt 5x5 would be nicer so maybe I could try and make yet another block, why not?!

So I unpicked the block I did the day before and decided not to mix the 3'' and 4'' HSTs and somehow try to make 2 blocks out of those. 

With those extra 2 blocks, I had enough for a square quilt top, which I now need to piece together, hopefully this week...  Wish me luck!

That's 3 blocks for this month (even though one has been unpicked!) and an old UFO out of the box. Such a nice feeling!

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Saturday, 1 May 2021

May goals

Let's try again, I doubt it will keep me focused but who knows.... 


1. Super Mario quilt - need binding!

2. Halo quilt sew along - I need to cut the arcs to be able to continue
Boho Heart quilt-along - I am so behind on this one...
4. Snowflake quilt-along - needs binding,  this will be my One monthly goal

5. Modern HST triangles -  I have 23 blocks completed and not enough background fabric to make the 24th block from the pattern. Decide what to do with this 5 year old UFO - I think I have a plan!! Watch this space...
6. 365 challenge - No progress at all in March or April...
7. Fandom in Stitches quilt along - I now have 5 blocks, I need more and there were a few from March and April that I'd like to make.


1. PJ for C NEW
2. PJ for M NEW
3. Morgan Jeans - cut
4. Blouse 
5. Knickers
6. Utility coat
7. Nautilus swimsuit

1. Moonwake handbag 
2. Halo sling 
3. Closet case pouf 
4. Earpod pouch

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along
2. Nutcracker 


Friday, 30 April 2021

April in review

 Another month has come and gone, how is that possible really? I am not sure how much I have to report really, it feels like another month has gone in a flash.

Let's see...

I finally made some bags for my quilting frame parts

And while the quilting frame was out, I quilted 3 tops
one is now completely finished!

I also cut out fabric for a new QAL (I know, I know...)

And I worked on 3 other projects that I haven't manage to finsh: a Persephone purse, a raincoat and a swimming costume.
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