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August recap

  August has been a busy month but a different busy with  2 weeks away from home on a relaxing holiday. Lots of time by the pool, a little going out and about (when the heat was bearable)... holidays are over and school starts again tomorrow, back to reality! Before we went away I managed to finish not one but  2 garnments, one top (started in June...) and one dress completed in 3 days! I also progressed on my cross stitch while we were away. Still a long way to go of course but at least there's been good progress over the summer And I worried  just a little on my Dear Jane, nearly finishing assembling rows A and B.  My sewing space is still a work in progress but I've finally added this lovely sticker that I bought off Sarah over one year ago... Linking to August Furtle . Celine


Many moons later... clue 4 of the Grimms Fairy Tales stitch along is finally finished! And clue 2 that I had started a long time ago is also nearly finished Still a lot to do of course but this is finally slowly progressing... Linking to  Off the wall Friday ,   Put your foot down ,   Patchwork and Quil t ,  Design Wall Monday,   Monday Making ,  Midweek Makers ,  Wednesday Wait Loss ,  Happy Needle and Threa d Celine

Orchard dress

You know the urge to start a new project when you really shouldn't because 1) you have enough unfinished ones to keep you going for a long while and 2) you're about to go on holidays so should really concentrate on everything else but starting a new project. Surely I'm not alone? Helen released the Orchard dress pattern as a free pattern and somehow I couldn't resist the call from it! So I downloaded the pattern and printed it while washing a gorgeous double gaze I already had in my stash.  Next I cut the pieces ready for sewing: front and back, pockets pieces and bias binding for the armholes and  neckline. I didn't use any interfacing for the bias as recommended in the pattern.  The dress comes together rather quickly (2-3 hours sewing time). I didn't try it on until it was all complete which was a mistake as the straps were too long for me.  Since I didn't want to unpick it all up, I folded them up and attach them by hand at the back, not ideal but much e

A dressmaking finish

  Finally, after 1 year in this house, I've finally sewn one garment, from start to finish. Granted it's taken me 3 months but it's now wearable. I'm so happy that I've got (part of) my sew-jo back. 🙂 Back in June I selected a summer blouse pattern, the Boxy Top by Pattern Runway for Peppermint Magazine from a few years back and a piece of fabric from the anple stash I moved over a year ago. I printed and cut the pattern, washed and ironed the fabric then cut the pieces.  They all sat there for a while and then I started sewing some pieces, which lead to using my overlocker for the first time since we moved.... and then I got stuck at the point of having to add the interfacing (a step I really don't enjoy... not sure why!) Finally earlier this month, I picked it up again and decided it was time to finish it before the summer was over... it didn't take so long to finish really and I'm glad it's now hanging in my wardrobe! One modification I made was

August goals

I'm really not sure how much time I will get to do anything but I'll list all I had planned to do in the last few months, maybe I'll pick one up... Quilting 1.   Flabellum quilt - needs  binding   2. Super Mario quilt -  needs binding finished off (not even the full binding! And gazillions of threads buried)  Will it finally be finished? 3. Farmer's Wife quilt - about 30 blocks needed still... 4. Storm at Sea 5. Dear Jane 6. Boho Sew Along - lots of blocks to catch up on 7. Impromptu quilt - needs quilting. It is a very big quilt so I went to get it professionally quilted. Maybe it will get sent this month... or maybe not still Dressmaking 1 .  Utility coat - need finishing 2.  Boxy top- pattern and fabric cut, sewing started  -  I will make this one my   One monthly goal   to hopefully be able to wear it before summer is over... 3. T-shirt 4. Blouse 5. Kids pj Bags 1.  Moonwake bag 2.  Shamballa bag Cross-stitch 1. Grimm's Tales stitch along - maybe I'll pick

July in review

Another month that has flown by really! First there were all the activities linked to the end of the school year and then the start of the school holidays. We also took a week off to spend some time in the Alps. And covid struck during that time... so I spent quite some time stitching away from the balcony.  There was lot of car travel where I stitched some Dear Jane blocks.  Before school broke off I managed 2 Open Wide pouches for my youngest's teacher I also worked a little on my top but still didn't finish it.  I even got my overlocker out! Linking to Furtle July Celine