Friday, 31 August 2018

August recap

August has been very busy with a lot of travelling. I nearly went to the Festival of Quilts, but I was too tired in the end, so I passed. Because of the travelling, there hasn't been much time at the sewing machine but I have made a few things.

Hoping for finish
1. Kielo wrap dress - number 3! -This will be my One monthly goal  finished
2. Scrappy Trip Along - orange blocks completed

1. Farmer's wife - no progress
2. Gipsy Wife - lots of catch up needed here no progress
3. Postcards of the world - only one postcard to finish! - some progress
4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - let's try to continue to make more blocks no progress

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - (19 blocks) - this one was my February goal on the APQ UFO challenge, I need a few more blocks to finish this top, it would be good to get there
2. Project 48 / Summer Solstice 
3. Super Mario quilt 
4. Impromptu quilt 
5. Bubbles quilt - this was my APQ UFO challenge for March, that I progressed from a pile of blocks to a flimsy ready for quilting next time the frame will be coming out. Maybe this month?
6. Granny Square - this was my APQ UFO challenge for April, and is currently a pile of blocks 
7. 365 challenge - this one was my August goal on the APQ UFO challenge. I need so many more blocks that there was no way I could finish but I made 4 blocks!

New Projects
1. Lander trousers - navy blue 
2. Passport wallet for me 
3. Kyoto top
4. Pyjama for hubby
5. Uvita top
6. Brasov top
7. Acacia underwear, more!
8. Tabor V-neck top - cut
9. Lander trousers - wine 
10. Lander shorts - green
11. Ostara top
12. Suki dressing gown
13. Suki short cover up
14. Ogden dress
15. Kingfisher sew-along - 4 first blocks sewn
16. Pencil roll - started
17. Pencil case - nearly done, needs neaten up inside

18. Forester coat
19. Handbag


Friday, 17 August 2018

Seeing Stars Quilt-Along - Double Stars blocks

This week is the first installment of Melissa's lovely quilt along and we are making BIG stars. I picked my fabric last week and after seeing a few sketches on Melissa's blog, I decided to completely change my mind! So here we are with a dark/black background and random fabric from my stash....
3 massive stars in a star at 24', quite a stark contrast after the 365 blocks at 3' finish

And with those 3 blocks, I have now 13 for August!
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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Making some blocks

I haven't done so for a while but this week I decided to just make some "random" blocks. My APQ UFO challenge for August is my 365challenge quilt, which I have started in 2016 and not touched since. 

I don't even have half of the blocks so there is no way since can be finished in August and maybe not even in 2018 so I initially completely discarded it. Until this week when I thought, what about making a few more blocks? I picked some 6' light blocks which are the ones I need for the second border and made 3 blocks from May picking random fabric in my stash or in my scrap bins

as well as one 3' block from August

And with those blocks I have 4 more for August taking me to 10 so far/

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Ogden, again

I love the Ogden top, this is no surprise ... after all I have 4 already and I saw someone made one with black silk which made me want one too, of course! When I went to Goldhawk Road a few weeks back, I didn't buy black silk but a lovely black cotton. 
The idea was also to try an "Ogden dress" by making the cami longer. So I cut a cami and a dress too and set on. 
Both were finished quickly enough and I really love the fabric of it. However, I am not convinced about the dress, I think it might look like a night dress somehow. I think I might try to modify it.
I also repaired the Ogden cami I made last year as the straps had all frayed.  
So these give me 2 more OPAM for August and also one of my Q3 FAL.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Scrappy trip along - orange blocks

A few more blocks for the scrappy trip along, even though I am late for it. I made 6 orange blocks but then realised I only needed 5... never mind, I can pick the ones I will put in the quilt in the end!

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Throwback Thursday - Table Runners

With Instagram and Facebook, there is less time for blog hopping and where I used to spend hours jumping from one blog to another, I rarely do so now! I linked my last post to a few linky parties and it was just the right occasion to hop around. Just as I was happily jumping, I found quite a lot of interesting blogs, posts and also other linky parties. I discovered the Throwback Thursday one at mmm! quilts 
The theme of the last linky is table runners. This isn't a size I have done plenty of but I have made a few. The oldest one is tiny and was made reversible by quilting the squares and assembling them after. I made this one in Spring 2003 and called it "Travel to Asia", when it was  a substitute for our planned honeymoon to Asia. It had to be delayed because of the SARS outbreak. The second attempt failed too because I lost my Dad at that time.

I embroidered some Chinese characters but of course I have forgotten what they mean now...
Definitely a pre-blogging make, it still sits in our hallway.
I have made other table runners too and writing this post, I looked through older ones to find the one I made for a swap in 2014 and the 2 I made about 8 years ago, for which I couldn't really find a good post on my blog so I am posted pictures here too, a Christmas table runner for us 

and a cat table runner I gifted to my mother-in-law

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Another quilt-along!

I know, I know... I have posted about so many quilt-along recently and have very little to show for it. Maybe I am being reasonable :-), maybe I am edging my bets, maybe I have too many projects I want to start that I am almost paralysed....

Anyway, this week I saw yet another quilt-along, this one by Melissa at Happy Quilting Melissa starting next week.
I love the look of the all stars quilt - picture from Melissa's website
I have played with Melissa 2 years ago for the Summer Solstice sew-along making a big cushion.

So this week it is all about choosing the fabric for this lovely big quilt, and you can post your choice on Melissa's blog here. I have picked a bundle of fabric I had saved for the Flowering Snowball quilt-along in ...2014! I think I have cut 2 blocks to date so I doubt this will ever become a quilt... so maybe it is time to use the fabric stashed!
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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Kielo again... and again!

For a long time I couldn't see the attraction for the Kielo dress. Of course, that was until I made one and found out: wearing a Kielo is like wearing secret pyjamas. So as soon as I finished the first one and started wearing it, I cut a second one. 
I was hoping to have it finished in time for the #sewtogetherforsummer competition on IG. I nearly got there but a business trip just before the end of the contest and lots of kids taxiing prevented me to finish on time.
 I cut the second one slightly shorter and tried to sew the armhole a little higher but that didn't work. I got to the point where the dress only needed finishing (armhole, neckline and hem) and just like last time moved on to other projects, why oh why? I am not sure, really... I tried to find some knit bias tape but didn't and then while making my moxi shorts, I used wonder tape and that was the light bulb moment! Of course, what about using wonder tape to turn the hem under and stitch it to finish the armholes, the neckline and the bottom hem. And that worked so well, I love it. I used my twin needle and it gives such a nice sleek finish! 

Now why did it take me over a month to get to the point of finishing it? That was my last-(minute) finish for July and my last OPAM too!

And before I even finished this one, I had bought some lovely viscose jersey to make....another Kielo. 
This one went really fast, cut and sewn up in just about 2 days. And this time, I got VERY adventurous (at least for my standard!) after listening to Love To Sew podcast about pattern hacks. I cut the neckline (back and front) 1' lower and I left the bottom hem as a raw edge. 
Again I finished the neckline and armholes with a hem with my twin needle.
So not just one but 2 Kielo dresses to continue to enjoy the hot summer we are having. Now how many Kielo is too many?

And with the new OPAM for August, I can also cross 2 off my Q3 FAL list as well as my  Celine


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