Monday, 28 September 2009

A new BOM starting this month

If you are feeling nostalgic now the summer is over (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) and are in need of a new project, go and check out Dorothy's new free BOM: Sweet Nostalgia.

The pattern for this first block is already available to downlooad, plus if you leave a comment before Wednesday night, you will be entered in her lovely giveaway.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Sneak peek

After trekking all the way down to London tonight with my two lovely children, we took advantage of the remaining sun with Maxime to cycle (him) to the post box. He has sent my hugs to Laurel tonight. He is very proud to be able to reach the letter box just enough to post items for me. We even went to the little park afterwards for him to play for a while. We have been enjoying a lovely Indian summer here in England, which I believe might come to an end soon. Autumn will arrive soon presumably.
The swap was a lot of fun and I enjoyed making these two little but cute items. It was a very portable projects that I took with me on my business trip to Switzerland and on the family trip to the weeding in France.

I hope Laurel likes what I made her. Just as tease, I will show you a corner of my mug hug:
What do you think?

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Hugs swap

I have finished my mug mat and mug hug for the swap and they will be going to Australia tomorrow to Laurel. I will post a picture soon but the ones I have taken tonight with artificial light are not very nice. The only sneak peek you will have for now is below with the backing fabric.

Today I also received the fabric labels I ordered last week. It was a quick turn around. I wasn't sure how they would look like once printed. I had an image on the screen but I wasn't sure what the real colour would be like so I was a bit anxious to receive them. I am really pleased with them I think they came out nicely and the colours are really soft. What do you think?


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Some things to show

At last I have some things to write about. Well I could tell you that I have been up from 4.30 am this morning because Charlotte had decided that she didn't want to sleep anymore. Teething? Maybe... It was a long day at work today after such an early start... But what I want to tell you about is the very little progress I have made lately.

First I have finally managed to take a picture of the latest pair of booties I made for Charlotte, finished just in time for the wedding in France about 10 days ago. I used a pattern from Amy Butler's book "Little Stitches for Little One" to make those cuties. This book is a treasure of lovely items for children, if only I had time to try out more patterns...This was the third pair I made her. They are really fun and easy to make and they get noticed!

Her first pair is below. I made it in April before I took her to her first ever quilt show in Holland.

And I have finally to switch on my sewing machine the last 2 evenings (if I exclude the pirate belt I made for Maxime for their pirate day at playgroup). The machine has not been on for long but I have managed 2 blocks for the blocklotto. While making the blocks I used the No Waste Flying Geese method for which Sophie has written a tutorial and I must say it is brilliant. Easy and fast! I shall use it again in the future. This month is all about Japanese fabrics, I love them! I would so much love to win a set of blocks this time. Fingers crossed. I hope I'll be able to make more blocks before the end of the month but there is only just over one week left...

Well, time to go to bed now before I fall asleep at the desk...


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

More Christmas blocks

Here are the last two blocks I have received from the Christmas Scrappy Blocks Swap from Lisa.
They are really beautiful and all the blocks are just so different. I haven't decided yet what I'll do with them...
And I will soon post a picture of my last finish from last Thursday at nearly midnight! Watch this space for more.


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A new blog

Go and check out this wonderful new blog Among the Gum Trees which brings together 9 great designers from Australia. I have been following and enjoying Tozz' corner and Jenny at Elefantz blogs for a while but now they have a common blog with other friends, I am sure this will be very inspirational. Plus to celebrate, there is 9 giveaways to enter from tomorrow and after that they will share free Christmas patterns. I tell you this will be such an inspirational blog, you better run there now!

Thursday, 10 September 2009


I haven't had chance to do much this week. I went on a business trip to Switaerland for two days so I took my stitchery with me. I made a very good start on the Hug swap items but I won't show you that or it will spoil the surprise for my swap partner!

What I can finally show you is some of the blocks for my Underground Railway quilt:

And I can also show you the blocks I have received so far from the Christmas Scrappy Block swap. Aren't they lovely?

These are from Jenn

and these from Emily

Thank you ladies!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Great giveaway

LeKaQuilt has got a giveaway until Wednesday where you can win an adorable purse. Go and check it out. You can even specify which colour you would prefer if you are lucky enough to win!

Patchwork day

Today was a patchwork day for me. My quilting group the Log Cabin Quilters meets every week and last September started a once-month Saturday session with a tutor to make a sampler quilt or a Sew-A-Row quilt or The Underground Railroad quilt. I signed up to make the Underground Railroad quilt and attended the first 4 sessions before the birth of baby daughter. After a long break I have gone again today. It was really nice to catch up with everyone and to be able to sit down uninterrupted for a few hours to sew. By last January I had made 12 of the blocks and had 3 left to do. Well today I have (only) managed to finish my last 3 blocks. No picture ready sorry that will be for later. Too much chatting really for me to have more done, but never mind it was nice to catch with everyone. I will use the quilt-as-you-go method for this quilt. This is new to me as I never tried it. We'll see!
Most of the ladies at the session today made a very cute tiny Christmas wall-hanging. Next month, I will leave my Underground Railroad quilt to the side (most probably) to make a Christmas table runner.
And tonight I have cut some more dotty hexagons for the Pot Luck. Again you will have to wait to see my choice of fabric this time!
Till later,

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sneak Peek at my angel swap

This week I have been working on my Angel swap. Helen at hugsnkisses shared a pattern for a lovely drawstring bag for the swap. I have been using her stitchery pattern and will make a bag with it but it won't be the one she presented. So here is my stitchery for the bag. I have done it on muslin and covered the sides with a beige ric rac. I quite like the effect!

I have cut out all the pieces for the bag yesterday evening before going to bed and I am hoping to assemble it tonight! Hope my partner will like it!



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