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Quilts 1700-2010 at the V&A

Thanks to my blog, I received an exclusive invitation to the preview of the "Quilts 1700-2010" exhibition at the V&A, which opened last Saturday and is on until 4th July 2010. So I went along on Wednesday 17 March and I must say I had a very pleasant afternoon. There were some absolutely stunning pieces, and 2 in particular really amazed me. I think a few selected pictures will be worth a thousands words, so grab a drink, make yourself confortable and enjoy your visit Pieces from "The Domestic Landscape" Clamshells bed hangings (1730-1750): detail: Bed cover and single curtain (mid-1700) Coverlet (1802) detail: Coverlet (1797) - one of my favorite (do you remember Dear Jane?...) detail I would think that the middle blocks (in the octogonal medallion) were about 4' and the outside ones about 6'. Pieces from "Private thoughts, public debates" Coverlet (1829): can you see the tacking thread? Coverlet (1803-1805): my other big favorite, look at

March Framed Hexie

This week has been a bit difficult with DH away for work for a couple of days and this terrible cold I have been fighting for 2 weeks now not ready to leave me. I didn't really do much. I went to my Patchwork group on Tuesday and worked a little bit more on my Storm at Sea but I still haven't finished piecing all the blocks. I finished my framed hexie that I have sent away to Australia this week. My partner's requirement for this month was to use shades of purple. Because we are going towards spring, I wanted to do a "spring inspired" hexie. So I decided on a wheelbarrow full of flowers. Today I have tried to work a little on my potholders for the Potholder Pass II as time is running out. I am hoping to be finished by the end of the week-end... Until next time, Celine

More siggies

Here is a picture of the siggies I have received in the last few weeks: from the top: Sylvia, Mary Ann (from who I found about the swap!), Cristina, Magteld, Ria, Inge, Susanne, Pam, Anja, Helen, Anne. My collection is slowly growing! Celine

Swaps pictures

Today I finally trimmed my blocks for the block lotto. So what do you think, do I have the right - or left - attitude? Trimming the blocks the correct way was so hard, I nearly did it wrong on my last one so it isn't leaning as much... On Wednesday I went to the preview of the V&A Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition. I will tell you all about that in another post very soon. Stay tuned if you are interested! On my way to the exhibition, I started stitching on my framed hexie for this month as I hadn't made a start yet. I knew I wanted to do a Spring design but I couldn't find an idea initially. This swap is great because it is free in terms of design so make you stretch your imagination! This is my second month now and I am really enjoying it. Here is a sneak peek at my stitchery, not quite finished yet. Sue wanted me to use shades of purple but not too dark. Hope she likes it! I also signed up for another swap on the craft online forum , a "Tuffet" swap. I finished my

Friday night blocks

Here they are my 4 blocks for the block lotto that I finished yesterday evening during my Sew-In night: They are scrappy Log Cabin inspired blocks. I still haven't trimmed them to give them attitude. Hopefully that will be for tomorrow! See you soon, Celine

Report from Sew-in Night

OK I have only managed to finish piecing my blocks for the block lotto (4 in total). I had started on Monday but hadn't had chance to touch them again. I now need to trim them to give them "attitude" but I'll do that tomorrow. I had sewn the last strip wrong side up so I am not very confident about trimming the blocks tonight. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Finish for tonight because Baby Girl is not that well so I am not sure whether the night will be peaceful. Will try to get some sleep now! Good night! Celine

On my sewing room door tonight

a virtual hanger Wish I could also add "Do Not Disturb!" Off to the sewing machine now. See you soon! Celine

Got some mail

I received my Framed Hexie Swap from Jeanette while I was away. I had asked for red/white/black with maybe an oriental inspiration and this is the beauty she made for me. This is my first hexie from the swap and I am really pleased with it. Thanks Jeanette! I am playing again this month and although I haven't started yet, I have found an idea this week-end. The only requirement for me this month is to use purple but not too dark. I should easily be able to find something in my stash. I will try to create a spring scene since we have had a gorgeous few days at the week-end, hopefully an indication that Spring is finally around the corner! I got busy on my Tuffet swap yesterday and am nearly finished. I forgot the filling in my daughter's bedroom and I had trouble to get her to sleep tonight so that will wait for tomorrow... I also played with some blocks for the Block Lotto this afternoon. I haven't finished the blocks yet but I have started 4. Have you noticed the new butto

Pothodler pass

I told you a little while ago that I had signed up for the Potholder Pass 2 that Amy at During Quiet Time is organising. Well, I have been spoilt really because I have already received my swap when I haven't even started sewing on mine. Amy picked my name and made me those 2 lovely potholders, which are now displayed in my kitchen. Today we had some kids over for Big Boy birthday party. It's Mother's Day here in the UK but I didn't get much time to myself really. I spent most of the morning in the kitchen baking a big birthday cake and some cookies. We had 3 children over with their parents and it was a nice afternoon. Slightly tiring but fun! I am trying to get a bit of sewing done tonight but I feel exhausted, not sure I'll have much to report tomorrow really. Good night, Celine

Holiday work

I did manage a little sewing while we were away on holidays. I finished 2 blocks for the Shabby Roses BOM: *SMILE* and *PEACE* that I had started at Christmas. Here they are (the colours on my pictures are quite dull probably because it was so grey this afternoon): I also got started on *TRUST*: On the way back, I picked up one Dear Jane triangle that I had prepared before going away and started the applique. No, you are not dreaming, I have indeed picked up my Dear Jane again. One triangle in progress: Do you remember my "Sweetie Bag"? Well this is what it looks like after my holidays... I had noticed a little while ago that one of my seam allowance wasn't right on the outside bag (near the middle of a square) and the edge of the fabric was showing ready to fray. I thought for a while about mending it by adding a strip to cover the issue but I wasn't pleased with the idea. So on the way back from holidays, while we were in the car and there wasn't much for

Back at last

It's been a while since I have posted anything. We had a good skiing holiday in the French Alps with lots of snow and some sun as well! I managed to spend one morning skiing and see the Mont Blanc. It was very cold as you can probably tell from my clothes. I also found some time to enjoy the (heated) outdoor swimming pool. We drove back home on Monday after a stop-over at my Mum for a combined birthdays family meal for the kids and an evening out for hubby and I. We went to see Florent Pagny in Lille and it was great. Monday was Big Boy 4 th birthday so I baked some cakes for playgroup etc when we got home. I had taken a picture which I have lost! And this week-end we will be hosting a birthday party for Big Boy's friends. Baking tomorrow... More with pictures soon. Celine