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Cat bag

Finished my cat bag on Wednesday night very late but at least I was able to take it with us to hand deliver. Plus this is my second OPAM for February :-)) The pattern is adapted from the one published by Braddie Sparrow on Moda Bake Shop The mail lady has also brought me some new siggies but those will have to wait until we get back. And I have cut out 2 triangles for my Dear Jane that I intend to sew during the holidays. See you soon. Celine

Storm at sea

I went to my patchwork group today because I can't attend next time there is a Saturday meeting, I should be on my way back from our ski trip. Today we were doing Foundation Piecing Storm at Sea. I knew I wanted to do mine in purple/violet but I wasn't sure about the background between dark (black/grey) or light. I took both options with me and finally choose to go with the lighter option (maybe because the weather was so miserable, I didn't want to add more darkness!) I also decided to zest it up with a small yellow-green square in the middle of my big blocks. I am glad I went with the light background. I did one of each block today to see what it would look like and have a guide for colour placements for further blocks. Here is a preview of the units: What do you think? This morning I also found a siggy in my mail. This one came from Femija in Germany. I will send her one tomorrow. Off to the sewing machine now as I am on a mission to finish a bag... Hopefully I'll be

Potholder Pass - round 2

Forgot to mention that this week-end I signed up for a lovely swap organised by Amy . She is organising round 2 and sign up are until Friday if you want to join in. Check the lovely pictures from round 1 on Flickr group and I am sure you will, like me be tempted! Celine

Pictures of Christmas swap blocks

I am in "Dear Jane mode" a little bit at the moment, even though I haven't done much real progress. So although it isn't Christmas anymore here is a picture of the lovely blocks I received from the Dear Jane Winter swap organised on the DJ mailing list: Top row from left, 1. L-13 Harvest Moon (my block), 2. E9 Quilt Jail by Dee Locke, 3. G4 Shutter Bug by Helen Kirby Bottom row from left, 1. M5 Mother's Point by Alberta Price, 2. F6 Deanie's Daisy by Cheryl Camp (swap Mom), 3. L4 St George's Cross by Wenche Martinsen Celine stuck at home with the snow.

Framed hexie ready to go!

I finished framing my hexie yesterday evening before hubby and I started our now quite traditionally Saturday evening of gaming. Yesterday was Carcassonne with a few extensions. We discovered this game a couple of years back when we stayed at my friend Barbara . It is a fun game even though I have lost most of the rounds we did lately :-(( So without further ado, here is my completed hexie , ready to fly to Australia: See you soon with more pictures. Celine


I have received a rather large number of siggies in the last few weeks and today I finally got around to sign the ones I finished sewing last week-end and prepare all my packages. Have a look at the magnificent blocks I have received: Thank you ladies and thanks for your patience! Celine

Friday Night Sew-In picture

I set myself to work on my hexie for the craft forum swap (this is my first participation after beaming at pictures posted by a few members of the swap) yesterday evening when the phone rang. A friend who we hadn't heard from a while called. It was so nice to catch up. Anyway by the time I passed him to hubby it was already getting relatively late but I got to work on my hexie anyway. My swap partner Jeanette asked for pastel or neutral colour. Most of my pastel fabrics are baby fabrics so I found a lovely neutral. The idea for the centre design came from the lovely Valentine's card hubby bought me. I had sewn the strips of fabrics together last week-end and didn't get around cutting the heart shape out until yesterday evening. This week was so mad at work that I had no energy left on the evenings. So I finally got to sew the heart (needle turn applique) last night and to do the stitchery around the heart. I have cut the background fabric today so that I can put the hexie t

Today is Friday Night Sew In

Are you joining in? I have so many projects I could work on that I am not sure which one to start with! I am finally off from work for a little while so today I did manage to pick up a needle for a short while to sew the snowwoman skirt. Baby Daughter helped me unpicking what I had done wrong so progress was slow. Well I will have a think about what I feel like working on tonight and hopefully I'll be able to show you some pictures tomorrow. Celine

Birthday girl

Baby daughter turned one on Friday and it took until today to bake her birthday cake. We made some delicious cupcakes - yellow (vanilla), pink (strawberry) and brown (chocolate). We also made a lovely heart for Valentine on one of our cupcakes. This week, I finally made a batch of siggy. I have received a number of blocks since the beginning of January but hadn't got around to print screen my centers until last Monday. All the blocks I made, I need to sign them and then they can be on their way to their new owners. Celine

My Dear Jane

Yesterday evening, I updated my Dear Jane Virtual Wall and realised that I have 111 centre blocks done. Only 58 left! OK I've only done 3 triangles and no corner blocks yet and I haven't sewn a block since 2007. 3 years without progress but I took all my blocks out and scanned the last few blocks I made to update my chart and virtual wall. Who knows, I might get bitten again soon... Hopefully! I am making my Baby Jane in batiks with a dark blue background (I think it is called Sapphire). Here is a tiny view of my progress so far. If you want more detailed pictures of my individual blocks, have a look at my webshots See you soon! Celine

Revamping my blog, what do you think?

I have decided to move away from the *boring* plain background for something a bit more fancy. Even asked hubby to help me choose what background was good. What do you think? Good night! Celine

I can show you...

I finished work early on Friday and went to Fabric Guild in Leicester for some retail therapy. I didn't want to miss the sales really, there is always some fabric that you need to buy for the day when... That was a nice day to end a busy week really! OK I spent a bit of money but it was of course well spent! After finishing my first OPAM for February, a lovely Caterpillar draught excluder: I did my homework for our meeting at the Log Cabin Quilters. Our session in January was cancelled dur to the snow. We were supposed to do a "Fold and Finish" cushion in January and had the instructions to cut the fabric in advance. I decided to do mine in red cream and black with some Japanese fabric that I had bought a while back. I cut all my "logs" fabric and wadding ready to go. I started my cushion on Saturday morning and managed to sew "one round" around the central block: I still have 2 rounds to add and the corner triangles but none of these are quilted ye