Monday, 31 May 2010

Top is pieced

Finally I have finished piecing my Hungry Caterpillar quilt on Saturday. I initially put the butterfly upside down but after unpicking, I got the top together! I really like how it has come out and so do the children: Baby Girl keeps trying to grab it to point at some of the squares and "talk" about them while Big Boy is trying to be protective of HIS quilt. Might have to make another bright quilt soon! I have ordered some bamboo blend batting for this quilt. Never used bamboo before but it is so soft that I will give it a try... later.
I haven't done much more this week-end. Spent the day in Cambridge yesterday tyring to find the last missing bits for the Christening and Wedding we are inviting too soon. This time the shopping trip was quite successful, at long last. And tonight I cleared and tidy my sewing table which was in desperate need for it!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Caterpillar is taking shape

My progress was very little on the Hungry Caterpillar quilt last week during the Friday Night Sew-In but I made up for it on Tuesday when I spent my day at my quilting group. I managed to get two third of the quilt top pieced and I really like how it is coming along, what do you think?

Off to try and finish the last third now.
See you soon.

A lovely swap

I received this lovely mini-quilt from Linda this week:It was from a designer swap where we have to make something out of a pattern from either Leanne Beasley or Bronwyn Hayes. Linda chose this lovely basket of love from Leanne. It is gorgeous and exactly the right colours to go in bedroom. Thanks so much Linda.

Celine in UK

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I know it's not Christmas yet but you want to check that lovely giveaway from Jenny at Elefantz. She is giving away patterns for her new Christmas quilts as well as lovely Christmas Roses fabrics from Robyn Pandolph in honour of her daughter's 16th birthday. Run to her blog to enter the giveaway before Tuesday 1st June.
Fingers crossed.

I finally spent the day with my local quilting group yesterday and I did good progress on my Caterpillar quilt as I managed to get two third of the top pieced. I'll show you a picture very soon. I was very pleased as I thought I wouldn't be able to attend despite booking the day off from work as Big Boy had been unwell over the week-end and we hadn't sleep much. Nice relaxing day in the end with a fair bit of sewing done.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Friday Night Sew-In (poor) results

Although the kids were in bed relatively early last night, I didn't do much sewing. I started by writing my post for the Blogger Quilt Festival (thanks to all the visitors!) which took a bit of time and then when I went over to Amy's blog to link mine there, I was so tempted to go and browse around the festival so I spent a fair amount of time blog hopping...
When I finally turned the computer off, I did little sewing, only framed my leaf and caterpillar but I did some cutting and planning for my Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I now know what I want to do, just needs doing now...
See you soon.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2010

First of all, welcome to my blog if you are new and welcome back if you've visited before. I discovered lots of lovely blogs through the first Quilt Festival that Amy organised last year and that made me decide to start a blog myself to share a little bit about my work. This year, I will take the jump and participate in my first ever online Festival: I started quilting about 2002 with an applique quilt I made for my cousin's birth. In 2003, my parents were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary so I decided I would make them a quilt. Even though I was still a beginner, I had my heart set on making a double bed quilt and it would have to be a double wedding ring of course. The anniversary was in June. After shopping for the perfect blue/purple fabrics in a few local quilting stores. Armed with John Flynn's book and method, I started cutting my first few strips in May. Of course my quilt would not be finished in time for the date but I was progressing slowly. My Dad had been in remission for just over a year but he was having really bad backache over the summer. Nevertheless, he brought my Mum and a couple of friends over to us in August for the first ever Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, which us 3 ladies attended. We saw a double wedding ring quilt, that my Mum commented as too traditional to her taste, not a great start really....

Anyway after the Festival, I decided that I ought to finish my quilt to be able to give it to my parents at Christmas so I started working on it more regularly. And then I decided that I should really finish it by the end of October, just before Hubby and I were due to leave to go on our 3-week honeymoon in Asia. I thought it would be nice for my parents to have "my blanket of love" while I was far away. My Dad's health was not getting better and by the end of September we had been told that his cancer had come back. So I spent most of my evenings in October sewing and quilting and working on that quilt to be able to give it away before our departure. I finished it one week before the leaving date and went back home to spend the week-end with my parents. My Dad was in hospital so I gave the quilts to my parents in hospital. They were happy and moved and admirative (like parents always are). I reminded my Mum about her comment in Birmingham when she said she thought double wedding ring quilts were too traditional to her taste and asked her if she wanted me to take the quilt back but she said she wouldn't give it back.

My Dad was discharged from hospital at the end of the week-end so he was finally able to sleep under *his* quilt when I left to go home for the one and only night. Few days later I got the dreaded call from my Auntie telling me to come home as my beloved Daddy was so unwell. We went and spent the last few days in hospital by his side while he was slowly slipping away from a life which wasn't really his life anymore, relieved from all the physical and moral pain of this horrible disease but leaving us so sad and lonely. Mum covered him with *my blanket of love* when he was returned to us before his funeral. And Somehow, there was this invisible force pushing me to finish the quilt that I would have never finished if it hadn't been done before his leaving us.

I am so glad that he saw the quilt I made for him and the quilt is now even more special to Mum. She keep it quilt on her bed, to warm her for all these lonely nights.
To move on with her life, she decided to have a new house built a few years ago. Since I had some fabric left from the double wedding ring quilt, I decided to make her a *house-warming* quilt called "A quilt, a story". I choose some blocks from the "Dutch Treat" book (after she visited and looked at the book commenting how lovely the blocks were). I picked 40 blocks, based on the name of the blocks and the significance it could have to my Mum and made her this quilt to hang over her bed. I also wrote a *story* based on all the blocks name to make them relate to my Mum's life story. It took me a couple of months to finish. She came over for a week-end last year in February hoping to meet her new grand-daughter. But Baby Daughter had other ideas and decided to be late coming. So there was no new Baby all week-end long but a new quilt for Mum who was thrilled to bits with the quilt (but unhappy Baby Daughter was not showing up!). It is over a year now and she still hasn't hung it in her bedroom, she has it on display in her living room so anyone coming to see her can/has to admire it!
This is the story of very special quilts for very special people in my life.
Off to the sewing machine now because it is Friday Night Sew-In!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A new baby book

We spent the week-end at my Mum's house because it was the village fete on Sunday. Big Boy made the most of the merry-go-around. Baby Daughter even tried a few times. We saw the family and that was really nice.
I thought I would also see one of my friend who had a baby about 6 months ago. I still owe the little boy his present do last week, I finished this baby book for him. I had bought 2 panels of Maisy fabric and had done one book for Baby Daughter for Christmas. This time I decided to make a concertina book/bed panel. I think it work better than the book I made for Christmas. I might take the first one apart to make it the same way, it is a lot nicer. This is the front of the book (when folded) made of the strips on the side of the panel:I used some red gingham and green spotty ribbons for the ties to attach the panel to a cot bed.
The beginning of the story:

The other side of the panel:

When my friend's Baby #1 was born, I made her this ABC quilt (this is in French so some of the images might not work with the letter in English), all needle-turn applique, sewn and quilted by hand.See you soon!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

A lovely friend

Look at the lovely hexie I received from Barb today. This one is even more special to me because I discovered the swap through her blog Barb's creations. Go and visit her to admire her lovely work.
She fancy cut her fabric so that I could have a lovely dragon on the back.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A rose

Finished my framed hexie for this month tonight. This one is for Kerry who asked for pink and chocolate colours and said she loved rose. I hope she'll like the one I picked for her.
Good night!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Bag - part 2

The title of my previous post hinted towards another bag story, so here it is with a few pictures!When Big Boy started to go to playgroup about 1.5 years ago, I made him a book bag with his favorites: diggers, tractors etc. I started with squares of fabric and made it very simple. I closed it with Velcro and put a handle at the top. While using it, it was obvious that the design wasn't great because the handle was pulling on the flap and the Velcro wasn't strong enough to keep the flap closed. So when my childminder asked if I could add more Velcro, I thought I would rather replace it with a magnetic closure then realised I would have to be able to insert it one way or another. I also thought that I never liked the fact that I hadn't rounded the side of the flap so maybe I could do that as well before deciding to have rethink about the whole design. So I spent a looong time at the week-end un-picking the old bag to transform it into a new bag. At about 5pm on Monday (it was bank holiday here) I got down to a few pieces of fabric ready to start again. And I was running against the clock since the bag was needed for Tuesday morning... I like to work like that, rushing to meet the deadline!
I took my panels again and rounded the corners. I put all the diggers (but 2) wheels down. I don't have any of the fabric left so I had to recycle and reuse! I changed the flap to do it with tractors instead of diggers (there are still diggers inside the flap though!) and inserted a strip of fabric between the panel to make it more roomy. Finally I removed the old handle and replaces it with a long strap made of all the little bits left. The bag got finished in time (about 11pm on Monday night hence the difference of light on some of the pictures...) and Big Boy was happy with his new school bag on Tuesday for his first full school session.
More progress report soon hopefully!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bag - part 1

Long time, no blogging... I have been busy, not quite sure what with but never mind. First I finished Big Boy PE bag last week and never got around to post a picture. I think he likes it. Here he is modelling his drawstring bag for Mummy.

My Mum came and stayed with us last week-end so we had quite a relaxing time and I didn't do much sewing, although she likes sewing as well. She used to make most of my clothes when I was little. On Saturday I went to LCQ for our Saturday sewing day and started a Celtic panel. I only managed to cut and fuse all the pieces but at least this is a start. I now need to decide which colour bias I will use. I am not sure yet. I am worried that black might be too strong and as for purple/burgundy, I would need to find the right colour. Or I could make my own bias... decisions, decisions... Any suggestions?

Big Boy started school officially on Tuesday afternoon. Daddy and I took him there with our friend and his "adoptive" granny. Although he was delighted to go, he wasn't so sure he wanted to stay on Tuesday. All went well and he is delighted to go. He is so much into drawing and writing and counting and wanted to learn to read at the moment. He can't seem to be getting enough of school work.
The title of my post was *bag - part 1* so yes there will be a *bag part 2* soon... I'll tell you all about my last minute crazy project. Watch this space!
Good night,



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