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August goals

  Does it even make sense to make a list for August? Our house is about to be packed up so ready to cross the Channel and set home in France. I guess my main occupation will be unpacking and setting up everything in our new house. I doubt the sewing corner will the first to be ready but who knows? Anyway, I guess I could have some hand-sewing on the list, as long as I am able to find projects, needle and thread... as well as a little energy! Quilting 1.   Snowflake quilt-along - needs binding -    this will be my   One monthly goal 2.  Flabellum quilt -  needs binding 3. Super Mario quilt -  needs binding Dressmaking 1 . PJ/nightdress for C  -  NEW 2.  Utility coat - need finishing Cross-stitch 1. Grimm's Tales stitch along 2. Nutcracker  Celine