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I've won the lottery!

Yes! I have. No I haven't become so stupidly rich overnight that I can give up work and quilt all day long but I am one of the 9 winners of the March Block Lotto. I was so hoping that I might win some of those lovely red and white Disappearing 4-Patches, that I am delighted that I have. And I will receive 49 of those beauties, I can't wait. Lucky day for me! Celine

When you think it's over

well, it's back again. For a second week in a row, the kids and I have been battling with nasty bugs affecting mainly our stomachs. So we are all spending lots of time in bed, feeling miserable and hot and sick. Not fun. And the pile of washing is mounting every day with the kids taking turn to be sick. I hope we'll be over this soon but it seems never ending at the moment and we are all exhausted. Hubby is the only survivor in the household so far! See you soon hopefully fully recovered! Celine

My little birdie block for March

I have finished the stitching on my Little Birdie block last week and thought I would be able to post at the week-end but it never happened. Here is a picture: I still need to sew my squares around but so far I am keeping up. Yeah! I love this BOM and can hardly wait until next week to find out what our Little Birdie is up to in April. Celine

Mug wrap and coaster

I finished the stitching for my wrap and coaster a while ago (probably a few weeks) but hadn't got around finishing the item until this week. The theme of the swap was Garden Bug and my partner said she liked butterflies and drink tea so I decided to try to marry the two. I found a picture of a "butterfly teapot" on the Internet so used it as my inspiration. Here is the mug wrap and the coaster both ready to be shipped to Australia! Celine

Last blocks for the lotto

Finally I have managed to finish off my blocks for the lotto. I cut the pieces about 2 weeks ago and never got around to sew them together. So here they are my last 2 blocks to make 9. I now need to cross my fingers really hard to win a set of blocks as I absolutely love those. It will be hard to wait until the end of next week to know whether March was my lucky month (despite the tummy bug of course). Wish me luck! Celine

Friday Night Sew-In results - late....

I was working away on my Mod Mosaic block during the Friday Night Sew-in and making good progress until Big Boy started crying in his bed... so I stopped and went to check on him just to discover that he had been sick in his bed. Nice! Anyway that was the end of my FNSI unfortunately. I sew a little bit more on my blocks on Saturday with a big plan to finish them on Sunday but I never got up on Sunday. The nasty tummy bug which had affected Baby Girl and Big Boy for the best part of last week caught up with me on Saturday night and I have been sick and feeling miserable and weak since then. I can't stay up the whole day and most things are a real effort. Not fun really. I think I am on the mend but it is taking far longer that I would have thought it would. Off to bed now for a much needed early night. Celine

Friday Night Sew-In

Finally it is Friday and tonight is the Friday Night Sew-In. Tonight I have planned to make some Mod Mosaic square for the Bee I joined last month. I need to make packs of 5 so I'll see how many I manage to make in one evening. Off to work now! Celine


In the last week or so I received a couple of swaps back. First there was my framed hexie for February from Sue: then the Monochrome Pass Holders from Sandy: and also the lovely cards from the Vintage Card Swaps. I haven't photos of the cards yet but if you want a lovely eye candy, go and watch this video Vintage Note Card Swap that Lenna has put together and where all the swap participants had their minute of fame Celine

My pillowcase dress

We went shopping last week-end and I found some lovely pillowcases in IKEA that I bought for the Dress a Girl sew-along. I was hoping I'd have time to make some progress at the week-end but I didn't even get started. Anyway, tonight I finish my first pillowcase dress. I used some fabric that I bought years ago at my very beginnings into patchwork to coordinate with the pillowcase. Definitely have fabric for more, just need the time and energy now (and Baby Daughter's stomach bug to go away) Celine

Dress a Girl Around The World Sew Along

Have you seen this sew a long? The idea is to make a "pillow case dress" for a little girl so that every girl in the world owns at least one dress. Sweet idea. Everyday since Monday and until Saturday you can visit a blog featured on lbg studio to learn some fantastic new tips. You can make your dress from a pillowcase or from fabrics in your stash. There are some lovely dresses presented and this is all for a good cause. A good way to start Lent. I will try and make one at the week-end, hopefully I will find some time. Make sure you visit lbg studio and think about joining in if you can! Celine


The party was tonight and Big Boy had fun with his friends (9 boys and 1 girl) and his sister. The "cake making factory" can now closed. And thanks to the comments I received on my previous post, the rich chocolate cake was yummy and well cooked. Thanks ladies. Here is a picture of the final cake which caught the kids eyes. I think they liked the idea of driving cars on the cake! I also tried a whale on Monday night but without blue coloring it is a bit difficult to recognise... See you soon Celine

A bit of everything...

I went to my quilting group yesterday for a day of sewing with some chatting of course. Always a good day! I did a bit of everything yesterday. I wanted to finish my bag that I started at our last meeting as I hadn't done much since. I only prepared and sewn some pockets to the lining. So I prepared my zip but I didn't have a zipper foot with me so I only got to the prep' stage. During my week of holidays in France, I tried to catch up with the Civil War BOW and managed to finish all the blocks I had cut: #7 Log Cabin and #8 Cotton Boll but one #6 Richmond that I finished yesterday. It isn't perfect and some of the points have gone but it will stay like that. After the lunch break I did some blocks for this month lotto. The blocks are very effective, they are called "Disappearing 4-Patch". They look a lot more complex that they actually are. Everybody was amazed at this blocks so I think we might have some quilts in the making with this block, who know

We have a winner!

First of all thanks to all my visitors who hopped to my blog last week-end and welcome to the my new followers. I hope you will enjoy your time with me! I have responded to all the comments I have received, unless you are a no-reply blogger. I am finally back in blogland. We came back from France last Sunday and I have been back at work this week so I have been very quiet. I haven't sewn much either this week but I should still be able to show a few pictures soon. Now since the giveaway finishedon Sunday, I should really annonce the winner of the giveaway. I used a random number generator who gave me #11 Sheila said... I love reading the different blogs seeing what everyone is doing, the tutorials and sometimes joining in on SAL's. This blog hop is so much fun, I've also joined the forum 25 February 2011 13:39   Congratulations Sheila! Please email me your address so that I can send you a little package. I will send you this little pin cushion that I made a little w