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2 blocks

  These 2 were partially cut already a wrote ago but it's only this par weekend that I finally sat and completed them.  Block 46 [Hill and Valley] Block 80 [Single Wedding Star] 2 more blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt and my first 2 blocks of April. I still need about 30 blocks, I can't see this one finished by June sadly... Linking to  Design Wall Monday,   Monday Making ,    Midweek Makers ,  Wednesday Wait Loss ,  Happy Needle and Threa d Celine

April goals

  This month is likely to be VERY busy with little to no time for any sewing I fear. I have a business trip scheduled for the first week - will I have some hand sewing ready to take with me??? The kids will be on school holidays for 2 weeks, one of which we will have visitors. So there will be no time for sewing then when we will have friends and family to enjoy! The office/craft room should finally be finished (I really hope so), which means that we will need to move everything 2 storeys down. And once that transfer is done, we will need to fully empty 2 of the kids bedrooms to have the roof isolated from the inside. So that's an another transfer of stuff coming up. Not looking forward to playing musical chairs with full room's contents but it will have to be done. No doubt the kids will help... NOT! Anyway, who knows maybe I'll sneak a few minutes here and there??? I'll keep my list VERY restricted this month. Quilting 1.   Super Mario quilt -  needs binding finished