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Best wishes for 2010

A quick post to wish you all the best for 2010. Thanks for stopping by in 2009 and I hope you'll come back again next year. I have been moderately busy, needle-wise during the Christmas holidays, finished one table runner, started 2 new Shabby Roses blocks, etc but I am not at home now so I can't post pictures yet. I'll tell you about our epic adventure as well soon. Celine

Baking tonight

My bag is finished and I have even used it already. My Maisy book is finished as well, needs to be wrapped now. I haven't managed to take a picture of either yet. sorry you'll have to wait... Tonight I decided to bake some biscuits when I came home for work. I want to give handmade at Christmas and did some Lebkuchen that I cut with fancy Christmassy cookies cutters. They look nice and taste nice as well. I didn't have any almonds anymore so I used hazelnuts instead. I have made just over 100 so I should be able to give a few bags away. I also managed to sit at the sewing machine to quilt the table runner with the cats that I pieced in October. Do you remember this picture? Well it hadn't change since I took the picture over 2 months ago. I want to give it as a Christmas present so tonight I quilted it and prepared the binding that I will sew on tomorrow night hopefully. I am also trying to decide which hand sewing projects I could take with me on holidays because f

Sewing again

At long last a quiet week-end with nobody ill in the household and some full nights sleep undisturbed. It felt like it hasn't been "normal" routine for so long... So this week-end I decided to take it easy and do some sewing. I worked on the Maisy book that I want to finish for baby daughter for Christmas and I am getting there. One more page to make and then I will have to put it together securely. I also started to play with some fabric I bought during my last "fabric buying trip" a few week-ends ago. I think it is called Butterfly by Makower but it reminds me of liquorice. I am making a bag for myself with it. It will be my "sweetie" bag. The more I am playing with this fabric, the more I like it. I wish I had bought a few yards really. Here is a peak at the fabric, I'll show you the finished bag tomorrow. Yes, I have finished it tonight! Talking about bags, I have also made 2 more foldable bags which will be Christmas presents. It is simila


Finally the pictures of the siggies I have received and the ones I am sending as well. I have created the photo collage with Photovisi which seems really easy to use. Celine

Help for Ireland

Ireland has been struck by terrible floods lately. Quilters are joining effort to make quilts for the victims. You can read more about it on the site of the Irish Quilting magazine here . If you want to help by sending some warmth and love, please do so. You can send finished quilts like this one or any other of your choice. If a quilt is too much at this busy time of year, you can send Disappering Nine Patch blocks. These are fun to make, I made some for a swap in the summer. You can find a tutorial for the blocks here . Once you're done, send your donations to: Irish Quilting Flood Relief in Action Berowra Djouce Roundwood County Wicklow Ireland Spread the word, give some warmth and love for Christmas. Good night! Celine

Still there...

Can't believe I have posted anything in nearly 2 weeks! I am still around but life has been a bit busy lately. We weren't back to France last week-end for the week-end and lovely son was ill over there. Had to take him to the doctor's at 2 am when he kept complaining about his head and his temperature hadn't really gone down that much for 36 hours. Turns out it was an ear infection and Croup, not the dreaded flu. But the week-end was tiring as we didn't get much sleep... Came back for a crazy week at work with loads to complete by yesterday. Was so much looking forward to a good night sleep yesterday evening. But... baby daughter started to develop temperature and was sick at midnight. The emergency doctor asked if we wanted to give her Tamiflu , not knowing whether it was really the flu or not anyway. Difficult decision, even more for a 9-month old baby. The temperature seems to be slightly lower now, hopefully she is on the mend. And after all of that, I have been