Monday, 31 August 2009

some progress!

We went back home this extended week-end to pick up Maxime who had spent a week away with Grand-Ma. First time almost that he is going away for so long on his own. Of course they both had a fantastic time and no he didn't miss us and wasn't so keen to come back home! Not surprising when he went swimming a couple of time, went to the zoo , etc. And most importantly, didn't have to share Grand-Ma's attention with anybody at all, he had her all to himself, what a luxury when after 3 years as Mummy and Daddy's centre of the workd, you have to learn to share with your new baby sister. Life is so hard!

The drive there and back is relatively long so I had time to do a little bit of sewing on the way. I started by the stitchery I have started a month ago (last time we went back). And I am proud to be finally able to show a picture of my first block from Jenny at Elefantz Shabby Roses BOM. I really like the design so I have decided to join in - rather late but never too late I suppose! Anyway here is my first block: Rest

The colour on the picture are absolutely awful. My background fabric is not yellow at all, it is normal colour muslin. I'll take a new picture tomorrow in daylight... Edited 1st September: I now have a picture which does more justice to my block with better colors!

I also started to make some hexies for the September Pot Luck, which is starting tomorrow on the GHQA-2 blog. I have made 6 dotty hexies so far:

And finally I have started to work on project#1 for the Angel's swap but shhh! I can't really tell you more!

Anyway time for bed now!


Friday, 28 August 2009

Challenge half complete

I have finished only the top of the August BQL challenge

and won't have time to do more before the end of the month. We were playing with half square triangles this month. I am thinking of using it to make a purse maybe rather than a mini quilt. Watch this space for more later,hopefully.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I got some post! On Saturday, I finally received my blocks from the Disappearing 9 patch swap.

I say finally because it took nearly 2 weeks for the package to reach me. We have had some postal strikes over here and I was starting to wonder whether my package has been lost. Anyway here is a picture of my stack of blocks. I hope they won't stay as a pile for too long!

I have also started the BQL challenge (due at the end of the month...) and have reach the "block" stage. The theme this month is half square triangle and I have selected some black and red scraps to make it. This is as far as I am for now, much more to do really.
Speaking about blocks, I went to the Festival of Quilts on Friday and Saturday in Birmingham (UK) and discovered that I had one block in the exhibition! In the group quilt category, there was a signature quilt which by looking closer I recognised to be from a Dear Jane Siggie Swap (organised every year on the Dear Jane list). I was explaining the concept to my Mum and was busy telling her that I had taken part in those before when I realised that there was one of my block in the quilt. I was so excited pointing at my block and saying "this is my block" when a lovely lady from Norway Marianne (hope I spelt her name right), said to me "this is my quilt!" She was so happy meeting someone who had sent her a block (she said she was hoping for such encounters!) and we had a very nice chat. It made me want to do something with my siggies as well so when I got home I got them out again. I have marvel at each one of them once again and showed them to my Mum but haven't done anything with them yet.... This is the lovely siggie swap quilt from Marianne, note the perfect choice of border fabric for a friendship quilt:

Finally, I have packed my blocks for the Scrappy Christmas blocks swap and there are ready to go across the Atlantic to my swap partner and the swap mummy Beth.

Time to go to bed now!

Monday, 24 August 2009

blocks for the lotto

This week I have (only) managed to make 5 more blocks for the block lotto. I have until the end of this week to make 3 more. I have one more on the go so we'll see how far I will manage to get to! The blocks are lovely, I would love to be lucky enough to win one set!I have also started to cut my squares for this month BQL challenge. This is also due for the end of the month... I better get going fast really.
On Friday and Saturday I went to the Festical of Quilts in Birmingham (UK) with my Mum and Charlotte (Friday only). We had a very good time but I will report on that later with a few pictures of my purchases etc!
See you soon!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

One block done for the lotto!

I have managed to finally finished my first block for this month lotto. This month's blocks are bright log cabin with a red center. I really love the blocks which have been made so far. Have a peek on the blog, it is not too late to enter if you want to join the fun! I have a few more on the go but they don't have enough logs yet around the chimney so you will only see one tonight.

My work week is finished and the next two days I will be going to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. That should be fun! I am taking Charlotte with us tomorrow (my Mum is coming as well). It is never to early to get started! I am sure I will come back wanted to make hundreds of quilts, bags, etc. Not sure I will come back with a light shopping bag, it might my purse which is light... I'll keep you posted if I find any treasure.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Today's laundry!

Pictures of my Christmas blocks ready to be sent away to Jenn, Emily, Beth and Lisa!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Christmas is over!

for now anyway!

Today was such a glorious day. The weather was really nice, a real summery day. We had lunch outside and got the paddling pool out again for Maxime. He didn't mind that the water was cold. He had so much fun launching himself in the water and splashing all around him. Charlotte also spent most of the day outside.
When I finally sat down I picked up my stitchery and did a little bit then sitting in the garden. During nap time, I escaped to the sewing machine as I was determined to finish my blocks for the Christmas block swaps today. It was so odd to work with Christmas fabrics when it was so warm and sunny outside!
Last year I played with my Christmas fabric in November to make Maxime's Advent calendar and then again around 20th December to make his stocking and toy bag. The weather was definitely different by then!
Anyway, I have made 9 blocks in total, 2 for each of my swap partner, one for Beth for a charity quilt and 2 for me to keep. I don't have any pictures of my blocks yet, that will be for tomorrow.
Time for bed now!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

...and more giveaways

First there is Leanne who is trying to encourage to start on our Christmas presents with her giveaway. Go and check her patterns!
And then Rachel has a very generous $50 gift certificate from her shop to celebrate the second anniversary of The Quilt Shoppe, if you want to spend your money there is also 25% off on the shop until next Saturday, good excuse for some retail therapy I suppose! The competition is fierce for the giveaway though!


Jo in NZ is having a great giveaway for her 600th post. Go and check out and leave her comment if you want to be in the game! While you are there check out her wonderful creations and you are in for a treat, lovely eye candy!
Celine in UK

Thursday, 13 August 2009

One block done!

Yes I have managed to complete my first block for the Christmas block swap this week. I like the block pattern, I think it comes out nicely. I have used a mix of Christmas and non-Christmas fabrics for my block.

I have cut all the middle squares (9) and tonight I have finished the first ring or frame around the square. 3 more rings to go! I know some of my swap partners have already finish their blocks and are ready to mail and visiting their blog made me want to get started! I am not entirely sure what I'll do with my blocks but I am sure I will enjoy them.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Little progress!

No my bag is not finished yet! But I have done the internal double pocket for my "still unfinished" bag. So now I can move on to next step: assemble the lining.
I have also started to rummage through my Christmas fabrics to find the central squares for the Scrappy Christmas block swap and I have found this lovely fabric. The squares are just the right size so I have cut out 7 to do my blocks. I now need to find some strips to sew around the central squares. We are making some Scrappy Hedgerow Blocks following the tutorial from Oh, Fransson. There are 102 participants in the swap, it should be a lot of fun! Funny how as I am writing this, I have received an email for Beth, who organise the swap to tell me who is in my team! They are all American ladies, I will go and check their blog if they have one soon so I can introduce myself and get to know them a little bit before the swap!

OK then time to go and feed the family now! And tomorrow is back at work...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A peek at my bag

Spent to much time behind the computer again last night so by the time I tried to work on my bag I couldn't really work out what to do! Too late for my brain to work properly... I only cut the lining fabric before going to bed. Anyway I took a picture of the "outside" bag this morning to post it here. So here it is my still unfinished bag... More later (and very soon) hopefully!

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Terry from Terry's Treasures is having a very generous giveaway for her first blogiversary. Go and check it out, you have until 12th August when she will pick the winners!

I haven't made much progress this week unfortunately. I seem to have been spending more of my (little) free time behind the computer, reading others' blogs than creating. I have starting a bag for my cousin and after working on it every night this week, I have only manage to do the outside, still need to do the lining. I have also started a stitchery BOM but have done so little. Today was a glorious day so we spent most of it in the garden resting and recovering from the week.



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