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September goals

   I really doubt my sewing machine will make it out of her box before the end of the month sadly, my sewing space is nowhere near ready to be set up and there are much bigger priorities to deal with. Maybe I will at least find the time to work on some hand sewing projects, as long as I can locate the necessary supplies.... Quilting 1.   Snowflake quilt-along - needs binding -    this will (again) be my   One monthly goal 2.  Flabellum quilt -  needs binding 3. Super Mario quilt -  needs binding Dressmaking 1 .  Utility coat - need finishing Cross-stitch 1. Grimm's Tales stitch along - more stiches maybe??? 2. Nutcracker  Celine

August in review

  What can I say? For sure it has been a VERY BUSY month! Changing country after 21 years and in time of Covid is not a small feast but we made it....  We arrived just over a month ago and time has been busy. Sadly not with any sewing or anything remotely crafty... all my sewing supplies are in boxes...  and they will probably be for a while to come, at least until the dust has settled and we have more or less made our house a home.  I do have some little projects I could work on but I have had no time and zero motivation. The only time I held a needle last month was while on the train trip to go on holidays (one precious week on the Mediterranean coast in the sunshine!) where I did a little (just a little!) cross-stitch. Let's hope I get some creative energy back at some point in the not so distant future but for now, it feels that there are much bigger projects to tackle. Linking to August Furtle . Celine