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July review

So we are half way through the summer and the school holidays have finally started! There have been so very busy week-ends for us this month but it has been a great month for finishing items, not so graet for blocks! Hoping for finish 1.  Quilt for C for her 40th - this will be my July goal for the One Monthly Goal with  Heidi  -  I need to go from these 4 blocks to a finish quilt in about 3 weeks, wish me luck! - finished 2. Teachers gifts - all done Bee Blocks  1.  Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (June, July ) - done 2.  Bee Hive (July ) - not done 3. Bubble Bee ( June ) - nearly there 4.  I love Lucy International (June) - not done   5. Scandi Bee (June, July)  -  not done 6. Fat Stash Bee (July)  -  not done WIP 1. Wanta Fanta - need 8 more blocks - no progress 2.  Elephant Parade  -  my  Lazy Bums  challenge for October was to make 10 blocks    -  no progress 3.   Scrappy X block quilt  - last blocks in

Laptop bag remake

About 5 years ago I made a laptop bag with fabric from IKEA for the outside and a tea towel for the lining. I didn't use a pattern and used what I had on hand for hardware etc...  and the trouble was that the strap was soft and narrow and not solid enough for the laptop so it broke quickly... I have been meaning to fix it for a long while and just couldn't find the energy. Finally, I recently grabbed the bag and took it all apart back to the "shell"... quite an achievement in itself as I hate unpicking. I cut the flap off (I had tried to make it all in one piece but it didn't quite work) and attached it back to the bag using one of my favorite ribbon to cover the seam I used velcro for the faastening instead of the hardware that just didn't work there And finally used a large webbing for the strap that is much more solid and appropriate for the bag. In addition, while the bag was torn apart I used some Vilene S520 Firm interfacing for

Chop Stick quilt

Finished in time to be gifted! I started this quilt on 25 June by making the chop stick, all from my stash! and I picked some for their designs specifically for my friend  Then the strips were chopped off and separated by triangles made of some lovely Modern Background by Zen Chic  to get the quilt top  2 borders later and it was time for quilting A view of the quilting on the back (where unfortunately I have puckers :-( Binding in a rare UK heat wave.... And here it is my finished Chop Stick quilt! Quilt stats: Started 25 June, finished 22 July Fabric all from my stash Quilted with King Tut 937 in the bobbin and 931 for the border, 902 for the inner border and 961 for the main quilt And this is one more OPAM for July and one more off my  Finish Along Q3  list and this was also my goal for July for OMG July Linking to  Let's Bee Social  and  Whoop Whoop Friday . Celine

A pencil case

For Miss C's teacher (she loved him!) I made a pencil case, using the pattern in Ayumi's book Patchwork Please. I love the look of this case with the little pencils and thought it would be perfect for a teacher, even in "electronic" times. The pencils are paper-pieced and they are some very tiny pieces (needle for size...) With paper-piecing, it is easier to be accurate and I think the panel came out fine And after sewing so many zips and pouches in the last few days, the pencil case came together quickly, even with the little tabs on the zip! I must admit, I love it! I hope the teacher will find a use for it! And one more OPAM  for July so far and one item to cross off my  Finish Along Q3   list. Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday and Sew Cute Tuesday . Celine

More open wide pouch

And the second batch of medium  Open Wide Pouch pattern by Noodlehead  is finished!  4 new pouches all from my stash!  And with the ones I made previously! Another 4 OPAMs for this month and another one off my    Finish Along Q3  list. One more gift for tomorrow (in progress!) Linking to Needle and Thread Thursday . Celine.

Open wide pouch

School is still on here.... I know it is dragging a little bit but they will finally break up on Friday. In the meantime, I have been busy making teachers' presents. I picked the Open Wide Pouch pattern by Noodlehead this year, and set to make the medium size. I find that pouch very versatile and roomy so I thought the teachers might find a use for it hopefully! I made the first one last week because one of the teaching assistant was leaving on Friday  and made 2 more this week. Now I still need to make 5 teachers' presents by Friday! 3 OPAM for July so far and one item to cross off my  Finish Along Q3 list. Linking to Sew Cute Tuesday , Let's Bee Social Celine