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UFO revival

Over the 2 years I made blocks for the 365 challenge , I completed January to April but started to have (big) gaps from May so I thought it would be time to try an fill some gaps (I am not holding my breath to be honest!) And with that I managed to make 4 blocks in the last week or so, which means that I am now caught up until 8th May, 2 more to catch up until I am behind again. It was worth than a see-saw really!  Linking t o  Monday Making ,  Monday Design Wall ,  We dnesday Wait Loss ,  Midweek Makers ,  Let's Bee Social ,  Needle and Thread Thursday Celine 


A long while ago, I signed up for a workshop with Jacqueline de Jonge to make one of her fabulous pattern. I picked the Enchanted Stars pattern . Next step was to assemble a beautiful rainbow of fabric for this massive project! Before the class we were advised to cut all the pieces (and there are loads!) to save time. I dutifully did and ended up with lots of pretty colourful  trimmings The workshop was on Friday and Saturday. The quilt is labour intensive and requires a lot of precision with so many points and spikes. All the peaks and flying geese are foundation pieced. We stared off with some lovely rainbow spikes before moving on to the star. By lunch time, I had all the pieces below and finished the first star by the end of the day. I know it doesn't look like much but it did take the day! The curved piecing was much more challenging than the paper piecing and Jacqueline gave us some very good pointers of what to pay attention too. On the second day, we worked on

Card wallet

Back in February I lost my wallet with my money and bank cards. Not a great idea but my cards were not used fraudulently at least! Since then I gave been using a small purse I had made a few years back, which works well for coins, not so well for notes and not at all for cards. While looking for a new wallet pattern I came across Sara's cork wallet pattern and video . It is such a fast project to make but also so satisfying too. I made it one evening when I was too tired to sew anything compared. And it did take 10 minutes! I used some beautiful cork that I received from my friend Cathy a few years back. Now I have a lovely cards wallet that I love. Really satisfying sewing! I can see more of these in my future,  teacher's presents? One OPAM for May and one of my Q2 FAL list . Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.  Celine

Dear Jane - second row

Just in time! I finished B10 on Monday just before the end of April.  My row B is complete and could be joined to Row A but I just ran out of time! Maybe this month.  And a few close up as it is hard to take a picture of the whole row It is also nice to see my "plan" filling up more and more... Linking t o  Let's Bee Social ,  Needle and Thread Thursday Celine

May goals

Hopefully spring will come back and stay with us this month. If you're on IG you'll know that's it is Me Made May and although I could probably participate as i have more and more handmade garments I'll just watch from the side lines as I know I won't keep up. Buy what can I make this month? Quilting: 1. Continue to work on the Harry Potter sew-along and keep up the pace, if possible. I am really behind now 2.  Scrappy Trip Along - red and green blocks needed to be able to finish the top. Ideally I'd like to gift it to my brother this month... 3.  365 challenge, so many more blocks are needed, let's see if I can make a few . This is where I left off 3 years ago... 4. Dear Jane -   Row C needs to be completed this month for the quilt-along and I need 5 blocks this month.This will be my   One monthly goal     5.  HST modern sampler quilt - make the last block and finish the top  6. Kingfisher Sew Along - prepare more blocks for sew on the